EzSupport-AZ (June 1, 2011 Guideline Version)

With EzSupport-AZ, Family Law Attorneys Can:

  • Collect and enter divorce case data in an easy to use, uncluttered user interface.
  • Compute child support and generate worksheets. All calculations are automatic and easy to understand.
  • Generate support order, assignment or modification forms.
  • Experiment and compare multiple child support scenarios (e.g. different overnights), allowing you to locate best possible scenario for your client instantly.
  • Generate financial forms, such as Affidavit of Financial Information, Inventory of Property and Debts. Enter unlimited number of "Assets" and "Debts" items. All calculations are automatic.
  • Add an unlimited number of your own Arizona family law forms such as, correspondence or litigation documents. All forms populate from case data already entered, allowing you to produce consistent and error free documents in a click of a button.
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Arizona Child Support Guidelines Changes Effective June 1, 2011

The Arizona child support guidelines have been updated by increasing the child support amounts on the schedules, raising the self support reserve to $903.00 per month and few other changes. Current version up-to-date with June 1, 2011 changes.

Streamline Your Arizona Family Law Practice

Arizona family law attorneys can enhance productivity and services for clients with EzSupport-AZ, family law software. Developed specifically for Arizona family law attorneys, EzSupport-AZ manages all the important aspects of family law practice, including data collection, accurate child support calculations, and family law practice forms.

Your staff can even track case time spent with a built-in timer and produce log statements for billing purposes.

Arizona Family Law Software Evaluation, Pricing and Support Options

Download and try EzSupport-AZ today. Software licenses start at $199 and include unlimited, live-by-phone technical support for one year! All product purchases come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

At Easy Soft, our goal is to make getting product technical help and training as uncomplicated as possible. From live phone support, weekly webinars and web-based training videos to our technical articles library and FAQs, you'll find a comprehensive range of choices to get the greatest benefit from your new legal software.

Give it a try! It’s easy!

Try this product for free. Licenses start at $199 and include technical support for one year and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. It’s that easy!

Child Support Worksheets

  • Intuitive interface makes data entry and understanding child support calculations a breeze.
  • Child support calculations are automatic and in accordance with Arizona Guidelines. Simply enter parties' basic data, children and overnights, income and expenses and child support worksheets are ready!
  • Automatic adjustments to support amount for parenting time or equal parenting.
  • Self support reserve test is performed automatically.
  • Instantly convert any data value to monthly value as required.
  • Manipulate Multiple Worksheets: Experiment with as many support scenarios as you like (e.g. different overnights or spousal support), all within same client file. Create a worksheet, copy it, develop, manipulate and analyze another scenario! Compare as many as five support scenarios side by side.
  • Centralized Worksheet Alerts: All worksheet alerts and exceptions are listed in one central location (e.g. combined income over guideline limits). Quickly review and make any needed changes instead of looking in many different places.
  • Edit & Email Documents: Edit filled in support worksheets with a built-in editor, save as Word or PDF and email, all within the program.

Support Order, Assignment and Modifications

  • Separate section to capture data related to support order, order assignment and modification forms.
  • Automatic % difference calculation between existing and new support order.
Arizona Family Law Software

Give it a try! It’s easy!

Try EzSupport-AZ for free. Licenses start at $199 and include technical support for one year and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. It’s that easy!

FamilyDocs: Automate Family Law Forms

  • Generate forms automatically from a common set of data. Click here to see the list of forms included. Centralized data entry for mother/father/children/attorney, etc. FamilyDocs forms such as, financial affidavits, confidential sensitive data and more are readily available for printing.
  • Built-in document editor allows you to add unlimited number of your own forms. Use standard "fields" such as mother/father/children/attorney info and automate your own forms. You can even add your own fields.
  • Customize any provided form or add new forms. No need for any other word processing, spellchecker or PDF tools.
  • View merged documents on-screen with the data filled in exactly as it will print. Make any needed changes and print or email.

Financial Affidavits

  • Built-in standard forms such as Affidavit of Financial Information and Inventory of Property and Debts.
  • Up to date intuitive data entry screens make generation of these complex and critical financial affidavits a snap. All calculations are automatic.
  • Enter unlimited number of asset and debt items. Printed forms will automatically adjust.
  • Enter income and expenses values in any duration, i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. The program will automatically convert to required Monthly Values.
  • Assets/Debts Values: Not only can you mark values "TBD" or "Unknown," you can also designate items as "Estimated."
  • Edit & Email Documents: Edit filled in financial forms with a built-in editor; save as Word or PDF and email, all within the program.
  • Use Endnotes to add illustrations to important values throughout the Affidavit of Financial Information, i.e. use Endnotes to show additional details for monthly expenses. All Endnotes will be numbered sequentially and shown at the end of the Arizona Affidavit of Financial Information.
Arizona Family Law Software

Give it a try! It’s easy!

Try EzSupport-AZ for free. Licenses start at $199 and include technical support for one year and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. It’s that easy!

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