January 2011

Down the Road: How EzSupport-NY Assists With Child Support and Spousal Maintenance Modifications

As the economic climate has shown all too clearly as of late, incomes fluctuate through life. Lifestyles fluctuate, too—expanding and contracting according to circumstances, preferences, needs, wants—for oneself and for the family.

Your client’s uncontested divorce might be final. But in one year, five years, or 12 years, one or the other party might ask for a support modification. What now?

EzSupport-NY gives your client the capacity to update his or her financial statements every year.

From year to year, he or she notates fluctuations in income, bank accounts and stock holdings. He or she can record losses, windfalls, deficits, bonuses, raises. Even when he or she is no longer your client, you add tremendous value to your services—and to his or her divorce—by advising him or her on how to track and record changes as the years go by.

Whether it’s good news or bad: this creates an accurate record. By the time anyone files for modification of their New York spousal maintenance, the legwork is easy. It’s right at your client’s fingertips.

All of this comes with the following standard features for our EzSupport-NY software:

  • Generation of an accurate, customized, expandable New York Net Worth statement,
  • Provision of a helpful child support and spousal maintenance calculator,
  • Generation of customized forms,
  • Unlimited technical support, educational webinars, training and upgrades, and
  • Personalized customer service and support.


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How Generating a New York Statement of Net Worth – Makes Life Easy (And Accurate) for New York State Divorce Lawyers

EzSupport-NY captures the financial data pertinent to all no fault divorce cases in New York State. Our clear and easy-to-use forms collect information, prompting expansions for an unlimited number of customizations. Whether it’s a second home or 10th home, multiple children (and stepchildren), or unusual expenses, our software captures all of it, without limitation-and generates a New York Net Worth Statement.

But the intelligence of EzSupport-NY doesn’t stop there. Our software then collates the data, generating totals for itemized income and expenses, and itemized assets and liabilities. What does this mean?

You never have to pick up a calculator, or create an Excel spreadsheet.

Not only is this a major convenience for our NY divorce lawyer clients, it reduces the chances of human error. It performs your calculations accurately and systematically – so you can focus less on the math, and more on what you’re trained to do: advocate and negotiate the best deal for your client.

Though this powerful software, the financial questions that can be resolved -accurately and painlessly -are numerous, and include:

  • The value of multiple child support and spousal maintenance scenarios
  • Temporary maintenance and child support payments
  • Net Worth Statement
  • Many, many more

Nor does this family law software’s impact finish when your case does. We will discuss this in more detail in the next post.

Click here to read more about the incredible features of EzSupport-NY Software.

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Affordable New York State Divorce Calculator – With Document Automation

There have been few comprehensive divorce law software packages in New York State that both act as a child support and spousal maintenance worksheet, and an automatic generator of forms—including the crucial New York statement of net worth. Until now.

On January 4, 2011, Easy Soft launched updated new features for EzSupport-NY Software—based on recent no-fault legislation affecting changes to state forms.

What does Ez-Support NY Software do?

1. Generates a NY Net Worth StatementAutomatically. EzSupport-NY software encompasses the Statement of Net Worth, the crucial document used to present the divorcing couple’s entire financial picture. Our next blog post will contain more information about this mandatory statement—but suffice to say for now that once the information is collected, our software processes the data, generating automatic totals for itemized income and expenses, and itemized assets and liabilities. It’s powerful software that does the math for you—so you can ensure accuracy and maximize the flexibility of options for your client.

2. Provides a Divorce Calculator. EzSupport-NY generates the child support and spousal maintenance worksheets. Our intelligent family law software performs these crucial calculations, automatically. You can prepare multiple support scenarios—to locate the best option for your client. It performs these functions accurately and systematically—so you can focus less on the financials, and more on advocating and negotiating on behalf of your client.

3. Generates Customized Forms. In all family law cases, certain basic information (names of parties, years of marriage, names and ages of children) remains the same throughout. This makes it a no-brainer to generate the documents required for any family law case—even the ones which are settled out of court—through the same suite of software that produces your maintenance worksheets and your financial calculations.

Easy Soft has seized on this simple principle to bring it all together for our customers.

Invest in our EzSupport-NY software today, and you’ll get an all-in-one kit that generates a statement of net worth and performs important (and often complex) divorce calculations. In a few weeks, your divorce lawyer software will also begin to generate forms that were recently updated by the state. These range from complaints to summons, affidavits to divorce judgments. They also include customized correspondence between opposing counsel. (Look for more on this feature in a future post!)

It’s important to note:

  • Comparative software may not provide all of these features in the same comprehensive software suite.
  • Comparative software may not provide free setup, unlimited training, practice customization, unlimited educational support, unlimited tech support, and easy-to-access, personalized service.
  • Comparative software may not update their software as often and as regularly as Easy Soft.


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EzSupport-PA – The Story Behind Our Newest Pennsylvania Family Law Software

EasySoft family law software—including Divorce Financials, Case Information Statement and FamilyDocs—are gold standards for New Jersey divorce lawyers.

When we created EzSupport-PA, we wanted to not only replicate the value proposition we provided in New Jersey—but also to increase it. So we looked for two things.

We looked for states whose child and spousal support formulas were—like NJ’s—complex.

We also looked for states in which the array of divorce law software presented only a partial solution—not the comprehensive solution that family lawyers (especially smaller firms) really need. One solution might provide for automated calculations—but not forms automation. Another solution might furnish forms—but no calculations. In the states with complex calculations, we knew there would be a need and an appreciation for the kind of software we envisioned for family lawyers.

The state we chose was Pennsylvania. As with New Jersey, the child and spousal support calculations in PA are mind-bogglingly complex—and require specialized training to grasp and complete.

We seized on new PA divorce law software as an opportunity to create even more value, and provide not just a Pennsylvania support calculator—but PA family law forms, too.

For each case, from form to form, what information remains the same? The answer is income. County of residence. Children’s names and ages. Second home data, etc.

With our new PA divorce law software, all of this case data is captured at the outset. So it makes sense to use the captured data to generate a comprehensive suite of case-specific documents—documents whose format is case-specific, and court-approved.

In addition, Easy Soft’s EzSupport- PA includes technical support, training services, educational support, and practice customizations that demonstrate we don’t believe in add-on fees. Please look for our next blog posts for details as to why.

Our state family law software is founded on the premise that maximum value contributes to happy lawyers.

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Guide to Purchasing Legal Time and Billing Software (Part 3 of 3)

In our last post, we mentioned that each of Easy Soft’s software packages are all-inclusive—in direct contrast to your standard legal software package. For one yearly cost (typically less than one hour of billable time), you get:

  • Software Procurement.
  • Complete Training for your attorneys and staff.
  • Ongoing Educational Support geared towards your practice.
  • Technical Support—crucial in the event of outages, breakdowns, data loss, etc.
  • Personalized Service. During business hours, a human being always picks up the phone.
  • One Nominal Yearly Fee, so that you can plan your annual budget accordingly.
  • No Hidden Fees.

Today, we wanted to mention a few extras that add to the value behind Easy Soft’s legal software packages.

One. Although Easy Soft specializes in making life easy for lawyers, our Technical Support Team and Business Analysts can introduce you to further administrative efficiencies you haven’t thought of—and won’t immediately discover. Our Business Analysts live and breathe not just technology—but the art and science of increasing the efficiencies behind your specific practice and small business.

For example, for optimum utilization of Easy Time Bill (ETB) Software, straight hourly billing differs from retainer or fixed fee billing, and both differ greatly from contingency billing. ETB contains special features to be used in tandem with our Easy Trust Software. We set you up right the first time, so there are no errors—only ease, efficiency, and incredible convenience.

Two. We absolutely practice what we preach. Our company aims to create efficiencies for our customers—not just for the first three months after you give us your business, but for the entire life cycle of your software. Take our training webinars.

At the outset, we live-host weekly software training webinars for all products of Easy Soft. During each live hosting, there might be a few dozen participants. Typically, a recorded copy of the webinar is also available online—at your convenience, and the convenience of each of your attorneys and staff members. What could be easier than that?

Three. We don’t believe in off-shore outsourcing. All of our programmers and technical support personals are located in the same Easy Soft headquarters—right here in New Jersey. If a question arises that our skilled and able Tech Support Team doesn’t have answers for, they can turn immediately to our Business Analysts for more complete information. In other words, your call goes right to the source.  One way or the other, we are likely to have a speedy answer for you—with full comprehension of your issue, and without messy language barriers.

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Guide to Purchasing Legal Time and Billing Software (Part 2 of 3)

In our last post, we talked about the services triggered by new legal time and billing software: software training, software setup, and practice customization. Today, we’ll discuss how an all-inclusive package is mandatory for even the most technologically savvy of attorneys and law firms.

Most legal time and billing software companies offer you email only or limited # of phone calls type technical support. When this runs out, you procure your own—or use their—additional training and setup through a subcontractor typically charging $125/hour and up.

You might say this sounds adequate. But even if you yourself are technically savvy, consider:

1.       Your fellow attorneys, paralegals, assistants, and any new hires—an unknown factor—might need additional handholding.

2.       You’ll need to explore your new software extensively—through time-consuming trial and error—to figure out its particular efficiencies and special features. But why reinvent the wheel?

3.       You’ll never be in complete control of your PC. Machines go down, and when they do, you’ll need expensive contractors to recover systems and data—unless you have an all-inclusive software package.

In contrast to the standard legal time and billing software package, all of Easy Soft’s software packages are all-inclusive. For one low yearly cost, Easy Soft provides all of the technical support, educational support, and setup advice that you need for every piece of legal software you purchase from us.

We believe we are the only major legal software company in the U.S. whose prices include:

  • Software License.
  • Complete Unlimited Training for your attorneys and staff
  • Unlimited US Based Phone/Email Technical Support—crucial in the event of outages, breakdowns, data loss, etc.
  • Personalized Service. During business hours, a human being always answers the phone.
  • One Nominal Yearly Fee, so that you can plan your annual budget accordingly.
  • No Add-On Fees—ever for these services.

In total, your software costs for the year will probably add up to less than one (1) billable hour for a single attorney in your firm.

So you get a) the incredible price, and b) worry-free technology geared specifically toward making your legal practice the most easy and effective it can be.

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