March 2011

NY Divorce Software That Simplifies, Well, Everything

Changes in New York State divorce law in 2010 threw a few things out of whack.

We know. It’s your job to stay on top of changes in laws and regulations. But it’s also our job to keep our software rigorously up to date.

Enter EzSupport-NY. New York family law software that creates a case management center for each of your clients. You can have your NY family law forms, your support and maintenance calculators and worksheets, and all case correspondence stored—and generated—in one place.

We love it, and we trust you will too.

You look at the lower left panel for your navigation tabs.

You go to “Case Info” to enter your case information: the wife, the husband, the children and their ages, etc.

You click on “Support Worksheets” to generate Child Support and Temporary Maintenance Worksheets. To print the worksheets, simply click “Print.”

You click “Add Worksheets” to generate a comparison of multiple worksheet scenarios. Make your changes for each scenario, save, and click on Summary to compare.

The data you’ve collected produces a statement of net worth—where all the calculations are generated for you. And you can add an unlimited number of expense items, asset items, and debit items—particularly useful for high net work individuals. The form automatically expands to accommodate your entries. To print, you just click “Print”.

At your command, any form you need merges with your captured case data. For example, you can click on “UD-6: Affidavit of Plaintiff.” The merged form is now nearly ready, after you answer just a few remaining questions.

All prepared documents can be saved as a PDF or Word document. They can all be emailed directly from the software, too.

Easy, right?

That’s why we call it Easy Soft.

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Credit Card Payment Solutions for Lawyers

When you open a law firm merchant account, your clients are poised to pay you faster and with less effort on your part (and theirs). But that’s not all:

  • Direct Payments to Escrow and Trust Accounts. Because we are law firm specialists, and leading providers of law firm billing software and trust accounting software, we’ll also help you set up secure payments to your escrow and trust accounts. We’ll set it up with your operating account—so that it works in tandem with your trust account, and ensures you’re managing your clients’ funds correctly. Not all credit card processors understand law firm compliance requirements. We practically wrote the book!
  • “Real Time” Reporting. Use your desktop or laptop to accept credit or debit card payments, and reap the benefits of “real-time” electronic reporting for optimal accounting reconciliation.

§  Improved Client Acquisition and Retention. An online credit card payment option allows clients to make timely legal fee payments or fund escrow accounts without dipping into their investments.

For more than 25 years, Easy Soft has worked with thousands of law firms, helping them leverage technology to comply with regulations and streamline their payment systems.

Put specialized payment technology to work for your law firm today. Give your clients more payment options with the exclusive Easy Soft Payment Acceptance Program, and you’ll increase your cash flow, reduce outstanding receivables, and eliminate the frustration of collection efforts.

To learn more about the Easy Soft Payment Acceptance Program, call 800-905-7638.

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Top Ten Divorce Settlement Techniques

Family law isn’t the easiest practice in the world. You’ve often got sniping parties and clients who often take things personally. Very personally.

That’s why we’re proud of our Divorce Financials Software. This leading family law software doesn’t make divorce settlements pain-free, but it does facilitate options and planning, so that you can lessen the sting of hurt feelings with quick, viable solutions. You can literally save the day (or decade).

That’s why we put together a list of the top-10 divorce settlement techniques. These are designed to get you—and your client—to a speedy settlement that both sides can live with. We’ll be spending the next few weeks getting you up to speed on how you can tackle these topics in a systematic manner:

The blog posts will follow. But here’s a preview:

1.      Always start with available “cash.”

2.      Always work backwards from need (or “budget”).

3.      Disregard absolute numbers (settlement amounts)—in favor or “Net Disposable Income.”

4.      Perform an Alimony v. Child Support calculation—for tax purposes.

5.      Always perform a present value calculation for a Lump-Sum Settlement.

6.      Calculate your Alimony Recapture figures.

7.      Consider pension (if any) settlement options.

8.      Equitable Distribution Techniques.

9.      Lifestyle Analysis.

10.   Put it all together—so that you protect yourself, and earn your clients’ adoration.

Check back in a few days for #1.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorneys, call us at 800 905 7638.

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The New RESPA Rules & You

Ah, RESPA. How we love you. Let us count the ways.

First of all, we love our new good faith estimates—narrowed down to within a penny (or 10% of a penny) of our lives. There’s nothing we love more than adding up Fed Ex charges, copy rates, and filing fees. Think we’re kidding? We’re dead serious!

Second, we love how long and convoluted our HUD Settlement Statement have become. Usually, we just hug ourselves in delight. Occasionally, we look at each other and say, “Oh U.S. HUD, is this really the best you can do? Bring it on!! We can handle it!” And we beat our chests with glee.

In all seriousness, we can take it. That’s because we have Easy Soft’s Easy HUD software. The software automates everything for your HUD 1 closing…and boy do we mean everything. Your HUD forms, your HUD closing statement, your disbursements, checking printing, your trust accounting, even your 1099-S reporting.

The software automatically figures out who gets what and how much, it makes the disbursement, and then—like some brilliant robot from the 22nd century—it reconciles your closing ledger. Right there. On the spot. Have an adjustment? No problem. Fix the number, and run it again.

Easy HUD’s power and ease are why thousands of real estate settlement agents in the U.S. use it—before, and after, the RESPA changes.

Tell a lender, “I use Easy Soft’s Easy HUD software,” and you get instant credits. It gives your lender a comfort level that doesn’t exist if you’ve got a less comprehensive plan—or worse, no plan at all.

If you want to be as excited as we are, then give us a call, get a real person on the line, and find out how you can embrace the new RESPA, too!!

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