August 2011

Family Law Software – Electronic Data Collection Module: Easing Divorces One Form at a Time

The New York Statement of Net Worth. If it’s not familiar to you, it’s a zinger, and you might tear your hair out getting to the bottom of it.

But ask any New York divorce lawyer. Even if you do know what you’re doing, it can be a zinger, too.

That’s because most law firms—including maybe yours—aren’t designed to leverage information to its eyeballs—like it can be. In this golden age of technology, divorce lawyers are capable of utilizing machines to a) enter raw information: names, addresses, birthdates, bank account balances, stock values, pensions, and the like— just once , b) leverage technology to perform calculations within the myriad of worksheets, statements, and other documents you are responsible for, and c) pour the calculations into said documents.

The concept of entering information just once is crucial. You don’t have to cross-verify your accuracy: just enter it once, accurately. You don’t have to chase down multiple locations to make an adjustment to one piece of data: you simply change it once, in one single place.

Even better, EzSupport-NY now comes with an electronic data collection module called “SupportNewYorkLite.” That gives your client a form to fill out—in the ease of his or her home or office.

Your client receives a simple Microsoft Word file. Once completed, he or she returns it to you (via email). You review it for any red flags or missed entries, then click to “import” it into your EzSupport-NY software.

When this is complete, you’ve just shrunk a few hours’ work into mere minutes. You’ve saved yourself time, saved your client fees, and increased the accuracy of your data, since your client knows his or her finances best. You’ve also made your client part of an overriding solution: and leveraged technology at its finest.

To learn more about our family law software, call 800-905-7638.

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Legal Billing Software – Are Your Numbers Growing…for the Wrong Reasons?

It’s the end of the month. Time to review your accounts receivable. If you compare the numbers to last month: they’ve definitely grown.

The good news? The firm’s doing great, and work shows no signs of slowing down.

The bad news? Too many of your numbers are simply carried over from last month. What this means: there are balances going into arrears by 60 days, 90 days, and more.

If this happens once a year, it’s no big deal. If this happens consistently from month to month and client to client, then it represents a waste of time, effort, bank account interest, and business proactivity. It increases stagnation, and decreases client commitment. What’s more, the longer it takes a client to pay his or her bill, the more likely that bill is to go unpaid.

If this is you: don’t panic. You’re in good company. Regardless of size, law firms all across the country struggle with collections. You can throw manpower and energy at the problem. But if you haven’t got a system in place to usher in your cash, then you’re fighting a slow—and losing—battle.

We can help. Easy Soft’s comprehensive legal time and billing software, Easy TimeBill, is designed to send out periodic and accurate reminders to your clients for balances due. In other words, the software does the work for you: it determines what the balance is, how many days your client has fallen behind, and any interest charges that apply. You simply click a few buttons—and off go your invoices: by email or printed snail mail.

Rig your collections system like a well-oiled machine. And your clients will start falling in line.

To learn more about any of our attorney time tracking software, call us at 800 905 7638.

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HUD settlement statement – Enter it Once Enter it Forever

If you’re a real estate closing professional or settlement agent, then you know. From the buyer, seller, and lender, to the realtor, title insurance agent, and governmental entities: there are easily about a dozen parties involved in any given HUD-1 closing.

That’s a dozen extra opportunities to receive inaccurate, outdated information-from each of these parties. That’s what makes Easy Soft’s data entry philosophy far more than a time saver. It makes it a “closing” saver. It’ll clarify your closing, streamline your communications with parties and clients alike, sift out time-consuming errors, and help bring you into compliance with your HUD-1 regulatory obligations.

Here at Easy Soft, we specialize in real estate legal software that helps professionals like you to become more efficient. After all, technology ought to help you in your mission to streamline your work effort, reduce your overall energy expenditure, and leave you with the time to turn your attention to the finer, more discretionary tasks inherent in your job.

So we introduced the theme of “enter it once” to all of our legal software. What this means: once you enter your client’s information, you’re done. That information populates all of the data fields that require it. It fills in raw numbers for automated calculations (say, on your HUD settlement statement), provides name and address details for correspondence, forms, and other filings and documentation, and lets you prepare all of the myriad things you need to: without duplication of effort. This is true of divorce data, billing data, and trust data. And it’s certainly true of HUD-1 closings.

Outside of your closings, you can also use the data in more creative ways. You can use it for streamlining your records-and making them paperless. You can use it for your Rolodex-or Outlook Contacts files. It’s already organized-in a fashion that you are familiar with, and can navigate around.

The data is there for when you need to correct a number or a spelling error (you only need to correct it in one place, at one time). It’s there if this client and/or lender retains you again-or you have any other dealings with the same party (ies). It won’t be misplaced, and (if you’re backing up properly), it won’t go away.

Practicing law and handling real estate closing becomes much easier when you can enter it once: and enter it forever.

To learn more about any of our legal software, call us at 800 905 7638.

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A View from Above: Simplified GFE

If you’re a settlement agent or a real estate professional, you know the score. Make a mistake? Your closing immediately falls out of compliance.

The new GFE-HUD comparison page of the HUD-1, and no matter what software you’re using: it’s a time-consuming exercise in double (and triple) vision. You’ve got to pull numbers out of order: numbers located in disparate locations, in disparate categories, and on different pages. The task is enough to make anyone go nuts.

This is because the categories (popularly known as “buckets”) on this page are organized according to tolerance levels, but don’t match any other categories on the HUD-1 form or GFE form. Even the most seasoned lawyers spend inordinate amounts of time hunting through the GFE form for the right number—then going back to the page and putting that number into the right “bucket”. In short: the process is a recipe for clerical error—not to mention blindness.

Until now.

Enter the Simplified GFE View: a boon for RESPA compliance. What this is: an uncluttered interface that appears in the form of a simple, one-dimensional list. It presents data in a logical order, and allows you to enter information in a straightforward way, without hunting through tightly-lined forms.

Most of all, it eliminates page-flipping, maddening confusion.

Finish entering the numbers, and print the GFE-HUD worksheet out for your internal review. Amazing how easy it is to review your document—when you’ve got the information filled in and at your fingertips.

We’re thrilled to announce this innovation. Our drive to continue simplifying your real estate practice has helped us to make this one of the most popular real estate closing software products on the market today.

To learn more about our HUD settlement statement software, call us at 800 905 7638.

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Revolutionary New Post-Closing Service: Lien Release Tracking Service

You’re a settlement agent, and you’ve just conducted a HUD-1 closing. We understand that your job doesn’t end the minute the funds get disbursed.

For example, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that the original (or seller’s) lender releases its lien. Legally speaking, this release must be recorded within 30 to 60 days. Practically speaking, the tracking process could take up to a few months—and precious minutes of time for you and your staff. Worse still: it keeps you subject to administrative hassle—and legal liability.

In the interests of making life easier, we’ve added a revolutionary new post-closing service to our Easy HUD software. In addition to electronic 1099-S reporting, Easy HUD now offers lien release tracking service.

What this means: where you had headache and hassle, Easy Soft takes over—for just $35 per lien. We’ll handle ANY lien—no matter where it falls in the subjugation list. We follow up with lenders, we check the land records for release recordation, and we put the lien release to bed—so you don’t have to.

Register for the service, and when the property closes, you can simply close that customer’s file. Then, you go straight to Easy HUD, and order the release tracking service in one easy, electronic click.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll be asked to print our fee invoice and lender payoff letter. Just email the invoice with the lien fee to Easy Soft, and email the payoff letter to the lender (along with your payoffs). If multiple liens are involved, a separate payoff letter will be created for each lien. In addition to serving as cover letters, the letters make Easy Soft the recipient of a lien release notification which would have come to you.

You can check on the status of the desired release straight from Easy HUD, too. The new service is fully integrated into our Easy HUD software .

Normally, our $35 per lien cost is a through to your seller (in a refinance, you’d pass it through to the original seller, or the borrower).

You save time and frustration for your staff. You minimize your liabilities. You conduct a clean closing—with no loose ends.

To learn more about our HUD settlement statement software, call us at 800 905 7638.

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