January 2012

Turning Nightmares into Daydreams through the mEasySoft Mobile App

It’s the divorce lawyer’s worst nightmare:  the judge looks at your papers during a conference and says, what if we change this one number?

Do you:

(a) Claim to be having an allergic reaction as you choke;

(b) Pull out a pencil and a calculator and try to slog through the math;

(c) Tell the judge you’ll be happy to do it back in your office to discuss at the next court conference; or,

(d) Pull out your tablet or smartphone and run the Easy Soft App to quickly provide the judge with the figures he’s requested?

Let Easy Soft turn the pace of modern technology to your client’s advantage with the mEasySoft FREE divorce settlement App.

If you’re an attorney in NJ, NY, PA, or AZ, simply prepare your support calculations in the comfort of your office using Easy Soft’s suite of family law software.  In every state, use Easy Soft’s Divorce Financials Software to prepare your divorce settlements.  Print out your crisp, clear worksheets, from networth statements to pension valuations for divorce, and get to court with confidence.

When the judge asks you to make that little change during the conference, simply smile, click on your Easy Soft divorce settlement App, change the number, and read the judge the new calculation right off your screen.

Next question:  what if you run into a technical problem using your Easy Soft divorce settlement App while you’re sitting in chambers? No worries.  Easy Soft provides the same great technical support for its phone and tablet applications as it does for all of its software products.  Easy Soft offers on-line help guides, technical videos, webinars, and, of course, live technical support staff.

Easy Soft’s divorce financials App is like having your office in your pocket.

Daydreams encouraged in your new no-sweat zone.

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From Horseback to Internet, Facilitating Your Client Meetings in Cyberspace

In days of yore, lawyers rode out on horseback to meet with their clients.  Then, with the proliferation of automobiles, clients started driving into town to meet with their lawyer.  Now, as the pace of society quickens, attorneys and clients might meet once to sign the Retainer Agreement and not again until court appearances.

If your clientele has gone virtual, you need Easy Soft’s family law programs, which allow you to print and mail, or, save and e-mail your work product to your clients.

Easy Soft divorce settlement software gives you the option of saving a draft in Microsoft Word or as a .pdf.  As this two minute video of Easy Soft’s family law software will show you, the advantage of sending your client a Word document is that they can edit it.  By contrast, sending your client a .pdf document means they can’t edit the draft and it retains its appearance when it’s opened on a client’s phone, tablet, or PC.

This fluid, electronic communication feature found in Easy Soft’s family law software can also be used for drafts to opposing counsel of divorce settlement proposals and divorce settlement contracts.

Easy Soft’s family law software also gives you the option to receive information from your client that you can import into the program.  Just watch this five minute video to see how simple the Easy Soft family law software makes it for your client to communicate with you.  Simply provide your client with the Easy Soft family law software form.  Once it’s complete, your client e-mails it back to you.  You review it and import it directly into your Easy Soft family law program.

Both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat .pdfs are the most utilized programs of their kind.  This means that you can send documents you produce with Easy Soft family law products to clients, attorneys, and judges without the recipient having to purchase or download Easy Soft products.

With the Easy Soft suite of family law programs, it’s like having an office meeting with your client in cyberspace.

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How Custom is Your Form?

The cliché among lawyers is that you can give the same fact pattern to five different judges and you’ll get five different outcomes.

But, let’s be candid.  Isn’t it equally true that we can give one case to five lawyers, and you’re going to give us five different divorce settlements?

Every lawyer likes to be original.  It’s part of the style that goes with the profession.  Call it ‘seeking a competitive edge.’

What if we told you that you could have the benefits of automated divorce settlement software with the perk of customizing the output to your liking?  Just click on this two minute video about Easy Soft’s divorce settlement software to see for yourself.

Easy Soft’s divorce settlement software couldn’t make your job easier. Start with one entry of common data elements from mother, father, child essentials to budget items, to assets and liabilities.  Click on one button to select the form you want populated, and by the time you hit print you have a draft.  If the draft is to your liking, you’re done.

The Easy Soft divorce settlement software has quite a bit of flexibility already built in.  For example, would you prefer to show your client a “Tax Analysis Summary” using figures or a “Tax Analysis Summary Chart” using a bar graph?  Or, for example, would you like to show your client a stream of alimony payments over time or an alimony buyout figure?

But, if you still want to add a little personalization, Easy Soft uses Microsoft Word as its platform.  You can edit the Easy Soft draft document the same way you do any other Word document.  The big difference is that you don’t have to start from scratch when you’re working with any of the divorce settlement software from Easy Soft’s product suite.

With thousands of divorce lawyer clients, Easy Soft writes family law software based on what our attorneys tell us they want to see in divorce settlement software.  We even back our products with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Easy Soft may well be the one associate you can have in your office that doesn’t cramp your style.

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How Antiquated is Your Math?

The pencil was a great invention in 1565.  The ballpoint pen, 1938.  Hand-held calculator, 1967.

But why are these antiques cluttering the top of your desk when you could have Easy Soft divorce software on your desktop?

Put down your pencil and pick up Easy Soft, the divorce software with automated financial calculations.

With Easy Soft’s programs, you can benefit from automatic divorce calculations that will cut your work from hours into minutes, while improving your accuracy.

Perhaps you are using EzSupport-NY and you’re entering assets and liabilities into the NY networth statement – three cars, one house with a mortgage and a home equity line of credit, one time-share, and five credit cards.  Erase any thought of using scrap paper on the side.  By the time you’ve entered this information into this divorce settlement software, it’s already added up.  Before you can click on print, accurate totals are ready to go for your networth statement.

Or let’s say you’re using EzSupport-PA and you want to make a PA child support calculation.  Simply input the income of each party, filing status, exemptions, and non-standard deductions, and let this software run the PA child support calculation through the statutory formula.   If you want to see variations, go ahead and change variables like the number of overnights per year and simply click on ‘compare.”  This PA family law software will instantly show you a worksheet comparing any changes against the original input information.

All of Easy Soft’s family law software maximizes the computer’s automation of routine math calculations for budgets, assets, liabilities, and support calculations.

You might not make a mistake on 2 + 2 = 4.  But, do you really want to take a chance that you’ll end up having to erase that $5,437.82 + $6,248.23 = $10,686.05 after you already divided it by 2 and got $5,343.03, instead of $5,843.03?  For the price to your client of that one mistake, you could have purchased Easy Soft’s divorce settlement software and had both money and piece-of-mind to spare.

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The Uncommon Solution for Common Data Repetition

If legislatures were lawyer-friendly, they would develop one, comprehensive form for the universal data of every divorce case.

Instead, lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, and parties must fill in numerous forms, containing largely repetitive information.  Name of each party, Name of each child, Date of birth and Social Security Numbers for all.  From captions to signature lines, the repetition of data in divorce cases is mind-numbing.

Fortunately, what the legislatures won’t do, Easy Soft has done, and that’s eliminate the repetition.  With Easy Soft’s divorce settlement program, only once do you have to input core information for each case.  This divorce settlement software populates all the repetitions of the same information into each one of the different forms.

Let’s take an example from the Arizona family law forms program.  This divorce settlement program generates all of its forms from a common set of data.  You only have to enter once the information for the mother, father, children, addresses, date of marriage, attorneys, and other common data.

Then, you go to the family documents section, select the form you want to produce and this family law software will merge your data set into the selected form.  If you haven’t filled in all the necessary fields, you’ll get a reminder from this family law program to complete the remaining information.

What do you do if you’re using Easy Soft’s Pennsylvania family law software, and ‘Michelle’ is misspelled ‘Michele’ or ‘Alan’ is misspelled ‘Allen?’  Instead of having to go line-by-line through each document, hoping that you’ll spot all the errors, simply go back to the family law program’s common document data set and make your correction in one field, one time.  This universal correction feature saves you both time and money because “fix error” is not what any client wants to see as a billable time charge.

With Easy Soft’s divorce settlement software feature of single entry for commonly used data, you can stop repeating yourself and start efficiently moving your cases forward.

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Paying the Firm from Advance Retainer Deposits – Efficiently and Ethically

Lawyers have a unique opportunity when it comes to getting paid: the advance retainer deposit.

So why is it that lawyers don’t capitalize on the opportunity to have money in a trust account before doing any work for their clients?

If you think that you don’t need time and billing software for attorneys, ask yourself if you can accurately say how much money each client has on deposit with your law office right now.

When your primary focus is meeting your responsibility to your clients, you often forget about your responsibility to be profitable – which is why you need Easy Soft’s “Easy TimeBill” and “Easy Trust” software products.  You can keep your firm in the black using this combination of billing software for attorneys and trust accounting software for attorneys.

Easy Soft’s trust accounting software for attorneys you enter amounts of advance retainer deposits made by clients, manage disbursements, and see reminders to ask clients to refresh their advance retainer deposits.

When you use the trust accounting software for attorneys with the Easy Soft billing software for attorneys, you see information about the client’s advance retainer deposit balance each time you start billing on a client file.  This integrated use of two legal billing and accounting software products means that you will always know whether your client has enough  money on deposit to pay for the work you are about to perform.

At Easy Soft, our products are designed specifically for attorneys.  We know that there are several critical steps involved in legal billing and accounting software, and our software is designed to help you meet those ethics requirements.

If you want to ensure that your law firm is using an automated, systematic approach to billing and trust accounting, you need to implement Easy Soft’s law office billing software.  To do anything else might just be objectionable.

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