March 2012

Free Webinar – Cloud Computing for Law Firms

While the underlying concept of cloud computing goes back to the 1960s, the technology has reached new heights in the last few years and has moved into the mainstream for law offices. Today, most lawyers have heard about working in the cloud but few are able to take full advantage of new opportunities.

Do you understand how cloud computing works, the IT savings you can reap and the productivity advantages it can give your legal practice? Learn how the Cloud can help you be more productive and how you can gain an edge by leveraging cloud technology and maintaining privacy and security.

Cloud Computing for Law Firms

April 03, 2012 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m

Register today.

In a nutshell, cloud computing delivers collaboration and productivity tools that are stored on remote servers rather than on each of your office computers.

Is Cloud Computing Right For You?

There are important issues law firms must ask before transferring vital business applications and data to the cloud.

  • Since you use more than one software application, will it be necessary to work with many different cloud vendors?
  • In how many places will your data be scattered?
  • Will every cloud vendor understand the unique client privacy and security issues applicable to law firms?
  • How will you and your staff work together in the cloud?

While cloud computing can help increase office productivity and flexibility, to do so, you need seamless integration of your business applications and data.

Find Out How Your Firm Can Leverage Cloud Computing

Here are some webinar highlights. Cloud computing:

  • Helps your firm avoid big-ticket items like network upgrades, expensive PCs.
  • Gives you the freedom to work from any location where you have an internet connection.
  • Allows you and your staff not only to work from multiple devices, i.e. laptop, Mac and iPad, but also enables you to start work on one device, stop, and then switch to a different device and pick up where you left off.
  • Eliminates security, virus, spyware and hacker concerns.
  • Ensures that your work is always backed up.

Join us for the Tuesday webinar and shed light on cloud computing.

Register today.

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Easy Populating of Real Estate Documents – Real Estate Closing Software

Isn’t it amazing how much repetition is involved in a real estate closing?  Have you ever counted how many times you type the buyer’s name, the seller’s name, their addresses, and the address of the property being transferred?

With Easy Soft “Real Estate Documents” and HUD 1 software, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to complete HUD forms and other closing documents, saving time and increasing profitability.  Our legal software has a seriously fast ROI.

With Easy Soft’s suite of legal software for real estate attorneys, as soon as you are hired for a real estate closing, you can begin entering basic data into a single screen.  This essential information will automatically populate identical fields in every document you select.

Easy Soft’s “Real Estate Documents” legal software contains more than 200 documents, from “Letters of Intent to Purchase” to “Escrow Agreements” to “General Durable Power of Attorney.”  Each one of these forms can be edited to your preferences and specifications.  With Easy Soft law office software, you get the benefit of computer automation as a first step and the ability to add your own details and flourishes as the next step.

In addition to easy real estate document preparation, you can preview documents before printing them.  If you notice a data input error, it’s likely that any correction can easily be made in one, central screen.  Our legal software will then repopulate all selected forms with the corrected information.

When you pair Easy Soft’s “Real Estate Documents” with “HUD Settlement Statement Software” you have your hands on a system that is capable of automating every aspect of a real estate closing, whether it’s a house, a condominium, or an inter-spousal transfer.  “Easy HUD” contains all of the HUD forms required to be furnished at a real estate closing, including the HUD 1 form.

Easy Soft’s “HUD Software” also uses database technology to allow you to build a basic information directory.  This feature is particularly useful if you have real estate clients buying and selling multiple properties or being handled by multiple people within the same office.

When you think of the real estate market, think “population.”  But, when you think “populate” forms for the real estate closing, think Easy Soft legal software.

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NJ CIS and More – Family Law Software

”NJ CIS.”  Say it fast enough, and it sounds like ”NCIS” of ABC television fame.  It strikes us that, either way, there’s a hefty amount of paperwork involved.

NJ “CIS” refers to the NJ “Case Information Statement,” a mandatory form for all family law actions involving support, alimony, or equitable distribution, even if the divorce is uncontested.  The CIS must also be updated and resubmitted, as appropriate.  It is a document sworn to under penalties of perjury.

CIS NJ is similar to court forms adopted in other states to try to streamline information submitted by both parties and to make it easier for the court to quickly glean key information.

Because CIS NJ is a mandatory form, it is perfect for software automation by the programmers at Easy Soft.  With our legal software, you fill in the core information only once, and then let our legal software automatically populate all duplicate fields, calculate details like ages and duration of marriage, and prompt you to complete missing information.

The “Case Information Statement” also requires budget information that reflects the standard of living established during the marriage and any differences that may be reflected in the current lifestyle.  When you use Easy Soft’s CIS NJ, you can be assured that all fields are present from the form published by the court.  When you complete the Easy Soft NJ CIS budget, it is complete.

Likewise, Easy Soft’s law office software for the “Case Information System” is designed to ask you to list all of the assets and liabilities of the marriage, whether subject to distribution or not.  By using our legal software, you quickly see which fields are blank and how much work remains to be done.

In many ways, CIS NJ is like the New York Statement of Net Worth, a form with income information that is also used to calculate child support for NY.  And, in every state, submission of mandatory information like personal profile, income, assets, and liabilities is crucial for the divorce settlement.  When you use automated legal software to compile important financial information, from New Jersey to Arizona, you improve the quantity and the quality of data that you submit to the court, and that can translate into real dollars and cents for your client.

Downloads of sample NJ CIS software and all other Easy Soft legal software are free.

NCIS bobblehead Abby doll, not included.

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Law Practice Management Webinar

April 12, 2012 – The Key to Small Law Firm Profitability – Enroll now and reserve your seat

Attorneys who operate small firms know they have to wear many hats. In addition to casework, there is marketing, networking, professional meetings, client consultations, time tracking, invoice preparation and trust accounting. Do you ever wonder how you can manage the non-income producing tasks and still maintain profitability?

Cash in on Technology

Computers and software have changed how we do business. Today, small companies that embrace technology can compete with their larger counterparts on many levels. Nowhere are the benefits inherent in technology more evident than at small law firms. When you put technology to work in your office, you will enhance your firm’s in-house capabilities and increase profitability.

Selecting Technological Tools for Law Firms

Prior to choosing and implementing technological tools, however, it is important to evaluate available products, understand best practices and the unique characteristics of law firm operations. Tools and technology that can’t handle the intricacies of legal practices can be more of a headache then a help.

Gain Administrative Advantage without Adding Overhead -

Attend our April 12, 2012 webinar , and reserve your seat and find out how the latest technology in time tracking and billing software can give you serious administrative advantage without adding to your overhead.

We will demonstrate new legal software tools that integrate calendaring, case files, time tracking, billing, reminders, collections and even trust accounting. In addition, we will show you how smart software can help you prevent revenue from falling through the cracks, tighten state regulation compliance and streamline your back office.

Enroll Today

April 12, 2012, 02:00 PM till 03:00 PM EST

Register for this free interactive webinar and learn how the right software can improve your firm’s financial picture.

Enroll now and reserve your seat.

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For Your Eyes Only – Attorney Billing Software

James Bond.  Now there’s someone with universal appeal and an Aston Martin to boot.

Not all data is meant to be seen by all eyes within the same law office.  Billing entries.  Bank account information.  And client escrow transactions.  Each of these sensitive areas are ones that need to be controlled through management “permissions” granted to those who have access to legal billing software.

You don’t need 007 when you have Easy Soft to help you keep billing information all in one program database, but viewable only to approved eyes.

With our legal billing software, “Easy TimeBill,” you can set the permissions for each person in the office you authorize to use this attorney billing software.  You can limit a paralegal to view only her own entries.  You can authorize an associate to view his own entries and that of her paralegal, in order to perform appropriate mid-level management functions.  You can assign a section partner to view her own group in Litigation while staying out of Family Law.

Easy TimeBill legal software allows you to set up a unique user name and password for each person in your office who has permission to use this legal software.  For each new time or expense entry, the user identifies the timekeeper by selecting from a drop-down list of authorized billers.

Perhaps more importantly, you can set permissions on who within the firm has permission to write checks and view bank account information in Easy Soft’s legal billing software.  Set up a user with “time entry only” permissions, and that user cannot see any sensitive financial information relative to clients and bank accounts.

Download a free demo of our lawyer billing software or purchase the full program on our 30-day money back guarantee.  It will be like having your own Q in your computer.


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Time is Money? Only if Time Management is Easy – Attorney Billing Software

It sounds great!  Billing at $250/hour.  Riches to follow, right?

What happens when you do your billing at the end of the month and, instead of hitting a target of 32 hours billable per week you only send out bills totaling $17,200?

Get profitable with Easy Soft legal software.  Even if you are a sole practitioner, you should analyze how your time is spent at the office.  You can create individual account numbers for clients.  Why not add Easy Soft legal billing software, you can set different billing rates for different matters.  This means that you can set your client rates and record billable time in your legal billing software, while you also record $0/hour time for business development, preparation for or attendance at CLEs, and even vacation and personal days.

Then, run a management report at the end of the month with our law office software, and you can better understand how you spend your time.  You can also ask whether it’s time to hire an administrative assistant, a paralegal, or associate.  And, if you already have partners, associates, and account numbers for routine, non-billable work, too?

With other billable employees, our attorney billing software can create reports to go over with them to ensure that they are meeting their billable targets.

Perhaps you’re thinking that legal software that can perform such detailed analyses must be expensive?  What if we offer you a free trial download so that you can push buttons and fill in boxes and click through screens to see if you like it?  And, what if we also offered a 30-day, unconditional money back guarantee when you purchase our legal billing software for only $249 for a single-user license and $99 for each additional license?

Consider the possibility that instead of raising your hourly rate, you hire our law office software and let us help you maximize your profitability.  Think it sounds too good to be true?  Well, then it must be Easy Soft.

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