April 2012

Legal Billing Software that Does It All? Easy!


This is what you will be saying out loud to your computer as soon as you install and start using Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill lawyer billing software.  Our attorney billing software does it all:  time tracking, billing, collections, calendaring, to-do lists, notes, grocery shopping.  Okay, not the grocery shopping.  But the feeling you are going to get will have you thinking that even the grocery shopping must be done, too.

Just imagine getting to the end of your month, pushing a button, and having your client invoices appear courtesy of your attorney billing software.  Daydream?  Reality.

Easy billing starts when you install Easy Soft’s legal billing software in your computer.  The installation takes only minutes, and our technical support operators are standing by, if you need help.  Set yourself up as a timekeeper, including your hourly rate.  Input a client by name and contact information.  Click on new time card, select the client, timekeeper, and task, and then click on the clock to start billing.  Within just a few minutes of the install of our law office billing software, and you’re billing with Easy TimeBill.

And, once you are inputting your time and expenses as you do the work, end of month bills will become as easy as clicking on new invoice.

Supervising billing matters through our legal billing software is as simple as clicking on billing and clicking on automatic reports like timekeeper’s time, client billing balance, and insufficient retainer balance.  Within one month of starting to use our attorney billing software, you can start analyzing your practice habits and profitability.

In the case management section of our law office billing software, you can manage your address book, calendar, task lists, notes, and linked documents.  When you click on the case management task list, you’ll see events organized by due date and client name and matter, as well as to whom the task is assigned to and the status of the assignment.

That’s it.  It is that simple to get started with the attorney billing software that does it all, meaning that the only handwritten item on your desk is going to be that grocery store list.

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Short Sale? Easy Soft HUD Software to the Rescue!

Options can be limited when a homeowner needs to get out from under a mortgage on a house that just won’t move.

One option is the short sale, an alternative to mortgage default and foreclosure, agreed upon by both the home owner and the mortgage lender.  Any unpaid balance is a deficiency, which the lender could elect to forgive or the lender might covert into an unsecured, reduced rate loan.

When you represent a homeowner in a short sale, you are going to have to prepare the HUD-1 closing forms.  The process begins with a preliminary HUD settlement statement, which is provided to the lender with the proposed closing figures.  The content is no different than a third party sale, and will include transfer taxes, release fees, attorneys fees, and any other expenses.

Unlike preparing for a house closing to a third party where the sale price is already under contract, the short sale may involve multiple drafts of the HUD-1 closing forms.  The proposed short sale to the lender might be rejected and go through several rounds of negotiations.  Do you want to have to prepare HUD forms over and over without the ease and accuracy of using Easy Soft HUD software?

With Easy Soft’s software for HUD forms, you enter key data only once and the software completes all the calculations.  For example, in the short sale, you can enter a proposed sale price for the property as well as a proposed closing date.  All computations, down to the penny, can be pro rated over and again, and the only data you have to change is the price and/or the date.  How’s that for easy HUD software?

As a companion to Easy Soft’s HUD software, try Easy Soft’s Real Estate Document software.  You’ll receive more than 200 forms to help you with all of your real estate closings.  When you purchase these two software programs, you’ll be using software packed with even the automated ability to compare the Good Faith Estimate with the HUD-1 and see alerts if estimates exceed a 10% tolerance.

It’s not a happy day for homeowners when they’re facing a short sale, but with Easy Soft’s HUD software, at least we can bring a smile to your face.

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HUD-1 Closing Forms Plus 199 Additional Reasons to Buy Easy HUD

Paper, paper, and more paper.  We’re so glad we don’t have to produce all of the closing documents on your list.  We’ll stick with writing legal software, thank you very much.

But, what we have done for the real estate bar is prepare 200 closing documents one time, so that you can produce them multiple times for your multiple clients.  Our Easy Soft real estate document software contains 200 real estate documents you need for closings.  When you pair it with Easy HUD, you combine it with all of the necessary HUD forms.

What else?

Simply click on this link for our Easy Soft real estate document software, scroll down and look on the right, where it says ‘Real Estate Docs List.’  Click on that link and you can examine the full list of documents we’ve packed into our software.  It’s all the forms you routinely use, like the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, along with the forms you occasionally use and wonder if you should use.

When you see this list of documents included in our real estate document software, you will see the need for automation.  With Easy Soft, we’ve designed our HUD software and our real estate closing document software to instantly populate forms for each client, as soon as you provide basic information in a single screen.

Another feature that comes with these pre-loaded real estate documents is the flexibility to customize them.  Don’t worry that the forms we’re including will be rigid and not to your liking.  At the least, our real estate document software gets you started with templates, which you can easily edit and craft our templates to suit your own style.

The other thing that comes packed in our legal software is room to grow.  Once you have become familiar with these two real estate programs, you can upload your own real estate forms into our real estate document software and convert your own forms to include fields that will likewise auto populate.

We know that you lawyers are used to doing the persuading, so with the Easy Soft real estate document software we’re giving you 200 persuasive reasons to say yes.  With licenses starting at $199, our real estate documents are less expensive than your morning cup o’ Joe.  How can you say no to that?

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The Easy Math of Pension Valuation Software

It’s likely to come in one of two ways. A Statement of Net Worth shows up with a pension plan listed or a settlement proposal arrives with a retirement benefit buy-out proposal. Even though trending for defined benefit pension plans continues to decrease from its all time high in 1999 at near 70% of the workforce, it remains more important than ever for you to know how to identify and quantify a basic present value of this retirement benefit.

So, what do you do in divorce settlement negotiations if you are unfamiliar with pensions and pension valuation?  If your answer is ‘call Easy Soft to get pension valuation software!’ you win the gold star and move to the front of the class.

There are many things to consider when you are engaged in a divorce settlement, including a host of assets and liabilities, from houses to cars to credit card bills.  When you see retirement assets, it’s time to take out that magnifying glass and focus your analysis.

Pension plans are not worth what you might think.  On the one hand, pension plans can be very valuable, if a person lives to a nice, old age, exceeding their average life expectancy.  On the other hand, the present value of the stream of future pension plan payments is less than computing the future, periodic benefit times average life expectancy.

If this is starting to sound like ancient Greek, you need Easy Soft’s divorce financial software, which includes a powerful pension plan value estimation calculator.  Our software will ask you for the basic information for the computation, including gender, date of birth, date of marriage, date of plan participation, normal retirement age, and monthly pension amount.  Then, our pension valuation software will compute the pension plan value at the anticipated date of retirement and at the date you select for valuation.

Our pension valuation software is not a substitute for the services of an actuary, particularly if your case is headed to trial.  However, Easy Soft’s Divorce Financials software can be a strategic part of work with your client, divorce settlement negotiations, and trial and expert witness preparation.

Cost of Easy Soft’s Divorce Financials software?  $299.  Value of calculating present values of defined benefit pension plans?  Priceless.

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The Easy Way Through Divorce Settlements Involving Child Support and Alimony

The financial interplay between alimony and child support is the ultimate divorce settlement rollercoaster.  As alimony goes up, child support goes down.  And, as alimony goes up, the payor’s tax deductions go up, while the payee’s taxable income goes up.  It’s remarkable you ever reach a divorce settlement with such inter-connected figures.

Why not let Easy Soft’s divorce financial software keep track of it all?

Let’s look at the first part of divorce settlement mathematics – as alimony goes up, child support goes down.  Why is that?  Alimony is a deduction from the payor’s income in the computation of child support.  What makes this aspect of divorce settlement tricky is that it’s not a direct dollar-for-dollar offset.  One dollar of alimony paid might convert to seventeen cents of child support reduction.

With Easy Soft divorce financial software, you enter essential party, children, income, and statutory deduction information in one screen.  You can then input up to five, different alimony amounts, and, with the click of a button, our family law software will create a single chart, showing the computations in side-by-side columns.

Now, let’s go over the second part of divorce settlement mathematics – alimony is tax-deductible for the payor and taxable to the payee.  Says who?  The IRS, that’s who.  Alimony is a deduction from the payor’s taxable income.  The tax bracket of the payor determines just how much that alimony dollar really cost, which could be as low as about seventy cents for a high income earner.  If you represent the payee, you have to be concerned in the divorce settlement about the true value of the dollar paid because it could be worth only ninety cents or eighty cents after the tax man cometh.

Once again, it’s Easy Soft divorce financial software to the rescue.  Our family law software comes with federal tax tables pre-programmed and most state tax tables programmed, too.  Once you input each party’s income and deductions, you enter up to five proposed alimony amounts, and click a button.  Instantly, our family law software provides you with a financial analysis of the after-tax costs of alimony for each party.

When you use Easy Soft family law software to help you strategically prepare your divorce settlements, you gain the unwavering power of automated computations of alimony and child support, along with charts that will show you the clear, financial relationship between the two.

With Easy Soft divorce settlement software, alimony and child support settlements let you get off the roller coaster and take a stroll in the park.

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Using Your Legal Billing Software to Maintain Advance Retainer Deposits

If you’re like most attorneys we talk to, you obtain one advance retainer deposit when you are first hired and finish the engagement with an overdue balance.

Attorneys focus on delivery of professional services, which is the heart of law as a noble profession.  But, do you have a business plan for success, including strategic use of law office billing software?

It’s important to think about the advance retainer deposit as an opportunity for conversation between you and your client.  Using Easy Soft’s legal billing software in conjunction with our trust accounting software, you will have the legal software tools to replicate the same process for each client and increase your bottom line.

First, when you are hired by a new client or for a new matter with a repeat client, use our escrow software to enter the amount of the first advance retainer deposit.  Each time you use our lawyer billing software, you will see the balance of the advance retainer deposit as of the last check written against it.  You will also see how much unbilled time is accumulating against the remaining deposit through our legal billing software.

If your retainer agreement contains a clause for clients to maintain a minimum advance retainer deposit at all times, as soon as you see the unbilled work growing towards that minimum deposit amount, use our attorney billing software to generate a client letter requesting an additional deposit.  These steps are simplified through our law office billing software.

Making a request for an additional deposit is not a negative; it is an invitation for dialogue.  When using attorney billing software, at these junctures of requests for additional deposits, you and your client can talk about work completed to date, pending, and anticipated.  You can talk about the goals for the matter and what legal costs are appropriate relative to the value of the project.

If you should experience an overdue account, Easy Soft’s law office billing software offers features like calculation of interest on overdue accounts, batch processing, and template cover letters.  Whether in advance or after-the-fact, your team at Easy Soft is here to assist you with your legal software needs and technical support.

Just think of how much we’ll save you on the costs of an Office Manager!

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