May 2012

Meet the Smiths – Part 5: Calculating Child Support for Mr. Smith – Family Law Software

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been a particularly happy series of blogs for your typical client, Mr. Smith, and now he’s calling you to compute his child support obligation for a child he neglected to mention, who predates his marriage to the second Mrs. Smith.

Here at Easy Soft, our team works hard to keep the smile on your face by designing and supporting software created especially for attorneys, like our EzSupport-NY. When you use our software, you’ll be ready to perform child support calculations for every Mr. (and Mrs.) Smith.

Whether Mr. Smith is going through a family court proceeding or a New York divorce case, it’s important that you correctly calculate his child support obligation. When you use our child support for NY software, you’ll input data on screens that will remind you that, in addition to the strict computation, Mr. Smith may be eligible to request a variance.

Details of math formulas are precisely why you need to automate your child support calculations. When you jot down child support calculations on a piece of paper, you risk forgetting variables that could impact how much child support your client is paying for years to come.

But, when you use our EzSupport-NY and similar child support products for NJ, PA, and AZ, our software prompts you to fill in boxes for each one of the variables that could impact the computation. Representing the child support payor, do you remember to deduct maintenance, prior child support orders, union dues, and tax-deductible business expenses? These are just several examples of statutory provisions that we have translated into our software to increase your accuracy and quality.

Our EzSupport-NY is packed with features, including frequently used documents like the Summons, Complaint, and Statement of Net Worth. Worksheets are included for both child support and maintenance, to help you efficiently and accurately tackle these mandatory calculations.

Why not download a free trial of our Easy Soft products today, including one of our child support products? You can just as easily purchase the software with the comfort of our 30-day money back guarantee.

Get all your Mr. Smiths through their problem of the day using Easy Soft.

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Meet the Smiths – Part 4: Lawyer Billing Software for Your Bottom Line

You’ve been hired by Tom Smith for buying and selling his first house, buying his second house, divorcing the first Mrs. Smith and now divorcing the second Mrs. Smith.  He’s asking whether you’ll offer him a discount and you’re wondering if you’ve been billing him enough.

Easy Soft legal billing software to the rescue for your bottom line!

When you use Easy Soft’s law office billing software, you won’t miss one minute of billing.  When you’re in the office, you can open a new time slip, provide a description, and click on the clock to start earning.  When you leave for court or a meeting, you can create an entry with no time, and then edit the entry to input your time when you get back to your computer.  At the same time, you’ll remember to input out-of-pocket expenses associated with each time entry.

Our attorney billing software is so well designed that it allows you to select the type of billing, whether hourly, fixed fee, or recurring.  At the end of each day, take a moment to review your time entries and compare them to your calendar.  Even when you are working on a fixed fee basis, you can input your time into our law office billing software so that you can evaluate whether you are pricing for profitability.

When you also purchase our trust accounting software, your time law office billing software will become fully integrated to show you the balance of your client’s advance retainer deposit, as well.  This pair of software products helps you to strategically monitor how to allocate your time for profitability.  When Mr. Smith calls to relay his latest fight with Mrs. Smith Number Two, as soon as you start the clock running in your law office billing software, you know to mention to Mr. Smith that an additional deposit will be necessary because there’s only $200 left in trust from his original deposit.

And, if you do decide to offer Mr. Smith that discount for his second divorce, our attorney billing software has a feature that will let you select the type of discount as one-time or on-going and whether it is a percentage or a fixed dollar amount.  These deductions appear as written entries on the monthly client invoice, so you can build good will with Mr. Smith – just in case he should need to hire you, again.

Get paid for all of your professional services using Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill.

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Meet the Smiths – Part 3: Legal Escrow Accounting Software

Continuing our series on practice life with the Smiths, you’re no doubt already aware it could involve several escrow transactions. The Smiths might buy a house, sell a house, and get a divorce. Each one of these transactions will involve trust accounting .

Are you prepared to represent the Smiths by using Easy Soft’s legal escrow accounting software to meet ethical requirements and get paid?

First, let’s review what’s involved in escrow transactions when the Smiths buy and sell homes. If you’re a busy real estate attorney, you need attorney trust accounting software that allows you to input each, separate escrow account, escrow agent, and depository. Trust accounting ethics requirements include balancing each escrow deposit, maintaining a ledger of all transactions, and storing bank transactions records. Our trust accounting software includes all of these features and more.

Also, when a client makes an advance retainer deposit, you need attorney trust accounting software that corresponds to your IOLTA regulations. While you can combine advance retainer deposits into a single account, you must balance each client separately to ensure that each deposit is properly funded until it is earned and paid to you. Easy Soft trust accounting software will help you meet your ethics requirements through its three-way reconciliation report.

Because we work closely with our more than 15,000 clients, we know that trust accounting isn’t always easy. This means that you might put it off, but that only compounds the problem. Sooner than you think, you could be months behind, and that could spell ethics problems.

Among our products and services, Easy Soft offers a special trust reconciliation service. When you subscribe to the Easy Soft trust reconciliation service, you get the benefit of our trained accountants to help you use the Easy Trust software product and balance your trust account. The attorney trust accounting software is provided free. If you are struggling with trust accounting, our team at Easy Soft is here to help, whether through support for use of our attorney trust accounting software or through our trust reconciliation service.

On our website, you’ll find a free trial download of Easy Trust, our legal escrow accounting software . Licenses start at $249, and come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. The purchase price includes one year of free technical support. If you otherwise want to sign up for our trust account reconciliation service, we will provide you with Easy Trust software for free.

Get trust compliant for all of your clients, using Easy Soft.

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Meet the Smiths – Part 2: Preparing HUD forms

It’s another typical day at the office. Mr. Smith, recently divorced, is now selling the home you had distributed to him, so that he can move into a bigger house with his second wife.

You know that you will be preparing HUD forms. To make your real estate practice profitable for routine house closings, you need Easy Soft’s HUD software. Our real estate closing software will help you and your paralegal efficiently prepare the HUD settlement statements, including payouts, prorated taxes and utilities, and transfer taxes. With so many house closings being done on a fixed-fee basis, efficiency in document production is the key to increasing your profitability.

Working with our HUD softwarebegins with the client intake information. Even though there are numerous forms to complete, when you use Easy Soft real estate closing software to prepare your HUD forms and other forms, you simply input client information once. In fact, you can open a new client file and use the screen questionnaire as the agenda for your client meeting. One more click of your mouse and our HUD software automatically populates more than 200 closing documents that are pre-loaded into our software package.

We know from working with our Easy Soft clients – more than 15,000 of them – that our software products are effective at increasing profitability for routine house closings because it is designed for everyone to able to use it. The attorney, the paralegal, and the secretary. Our HUD software screens breaks down each piece of necessary information into simple fill-in fields and pull-down boxes. All math calculations are performed by the software program; no calculators or spreadsheets necessary. And, if you discover a data input error, simply correct it in the original computer screen, and all corresponding forms will be immediately corrected.

Whether you are the attorney for the seller or the attorney for the buyer, our HUD software can be paired with our trust accounting software. Each escrow account you open for a client transaction must be separately documented and Easy Soft’s Easy Trust software does just that. You simply input client information, bank information, and any escrow agent information, and then balance each escrow account as monthly bank statements are received.

Get your clients through routine real estate transactions with ease, using Easy Soft.

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Meet the Smiths – Part 1:The Efficient Divorce Settlement – Family Law Software

It’s a bit like TV sitcom, isn’t it? Your job as a family law and real estate attorney. The occasional bit of drama on the high seas, but, generally, a fairly predictable story line.

Through this series of five blogs, we’ll look at your typical cases and how Easy Soft can increase your productivity and profitability.

More than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, and the overwhelming percentage of divorce cases end with divorce settlement . With those figures in mind, you need the divorce financial software that will streamline your case from the moment your client walks in the door.

The typical case of Smith vs. Smith involves assets and liabilities of a starter home, two cars, a 401k account, some credit card bills, and student loans. There isn’t much to fight about, so how can you turn the initial consultation into a prompt divorce settlement for your client, Mr. Smith?

Divorce settlement is all about creating a distribution of assets and liabilities that makes sense to both parties. With our divorce financial software , you can assign the distribution of assets and liabilities to each party and easily create distribution worksheets that show individual items, totals per party, and percentages per party. She wants the house and he wants the 401k. Each wants their own car. Each is going to keep their own pre-marital student loans. And, to get the divorce settlement finished, each will take fifty percent of the credit card bills.

Next, take this divorce settlement information with you everywhere you go. Our divorce financial software has an associated smart phone app that keeps you prepared at all out-of-office meetings and judicial conferences.

Our divorce financial software is designed to be easy to install and easy to use. We offer one year of free technical support with each purchase, and that technical support is for both the software program and for the smartphone app. What’s more, Easy Soft products, like our divorce financial software , is so user friendly that your paralegal and secretary will also be using it in no time.

In the modern economy, you have to look for ways to cut costs associated with divorce settlements in cases like the Smiths. One way is to get your client involved, using the Easy Soft client questionnaire. Another way is to use our divorce financial software to expedite your divorce settlement through automatic population of pre-loaded forms, including equitable distribution charts. And, a third way is to use our smart phone app to put you in a position to negotiate and close deals, even when you’re in the courthouse elevator.

Get automated for routine divorce cases. Get profitable. Get Easy Soft Divorce Financials.

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Law Firm Mergers and Acquisitions 101? Be Sure You’re Using Easy Soft’s Law firm Billing Software

There is an important point to be made on the topic of law office mergers and acquisitions, relating to a firm’s legal billing software and trust accounting.

It’s not just your clients, the courts, and grievance or fee arbitration boards who might look through your billing and trust accounting records.  Some day, it might also be another law firm, in which case, your business practices may translate into material gain, but could equally result in financial loss.

Is an opportunity for the growth of your law firm a time when you want your lack of attorney billing software to jump right out because you supply handwritten time slips plopped into shoe boxes?

The time to think about the power and organization of your law office billing software is today.  Most merger and acquisition inquiries begin with a review of several years of bank records, invoices, and accounts receivables.

The value of your law office is built on a day-to-day basis when you use Easy Soft’s Time Bill, legal billing software designed exclusively for attorneys and backed by more than 20-years of experience and thousands of users.  When you use our billing software for attorneys, you elevate your billing into effective business records, systematically input to create complete invoices, routinely printed for all clients.  You gain a method for regularly chasing after delinquent accounts and reducing receivables.

When you pair Easy TimeBill with Easy Trust, our attorney trust accounting software, you begin routine balancing of all trust accounts and requesting clients top-up their retainer balances before they fall behind.  And, you gain the ability to assert with confidence that your trust accounting business practices are ethically compliant.

When you use Easy Soft’s law office billing software and trust accounting software, you also gain a comprehensive system to storing, recalling, and analyzing all of your law office activity.  Both programs offer the ability to prepare invoices, reports, and bank reconciliations as .pdfs, which you can store to your data management server or SAAS vendor.  Plus, both programs allow you to make reprints, if you should be unable to locate your copy or your file.

You might not know today where the road of your law office will go.  But when we’re making it this easy to keep your options open, why would you take another step without us?

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