June 2012

Easy Soft Makes Everything Easy, Even the NJ Case Information Statement

A little bird over in Technical Support whispered in my ear that your pre-purchase question is whether our software will help you get better results for your client relative to the NJ Case Information Statement.

Let’s try a little art of persuasion on the NJ CIS , shall we?

As we know, the NJ Case Information Statement is long, detailed, and important to the outcome of the case – “we” being are the software vendor and the lawyer; not the person who is the party to the divorce.

What clients know is that they haven’t been managing their finances, don’t want to know how little they own and how much they owe, and maybe don’t even want to get a divorce. Clients are almost certain to become defensive and resistant to your efforts to get them to provide all the financial information that you need to complete the Case Information Statement .

With Easy Soft’s CIS NJ software, you can start your conversation with your client by e-mailing them a questionnaire that is pre-loaded into our software. Clients can spend a day getting financial papers together and filling in the Case Information Statement. Then, clients can send the questionnaire back to you, along with .pdfs of any supporting documents.\

If you need more information, for example to compute any New Jersey Child Support requirements, you work back-and-forth with your client, continuing to use the questionnaire. This interactive approach is so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever struggled without Easy Soft’s CIS NJ software.

As a back-up plan, if your client still doesn’t provide what you need, you can also use our Case Information Statement software as an outline for a highly productive client office meeting. Have your client come in and talk your client through each one of the screens for assets and liabilities, family information, and income and budget information. Print out the draft Case Information Statement for your client to take home. Then schedule your client to come back in a manageable time frame with additional information.

This ease of use with your clients and technical capabilities are features that you’ll find in all of our Easy Soft legal software products. All of our Easy Soft law office software is easy to download, easy to start using, and easy to fully utilize. And, if for any reason, you don’t find it easy, our Technical Support Staff will answer your questions at no additional charge for the first year after your purchase.

Whether you’re practicing in NJ or anywhere across the US, find out why Easy Soft is the best legal software for you.

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The Untapped Potential of the New York Statement of Net Worth

If you’re a divorce attorney in New York, you know all about the Statement of Net Worth . You routinely prepare the Statement of Net Worth , even in uncontested divorce cases, to inventory your client’s assets and liabilities in preparation for distribution. Then, if you’re like most attorneys, you file the signed document away in the filing cabinet, not to be thought of again, unless it becomes a trial exhibit or judgment roll submission.

Have you considered using the Statement of Net Worth as an information repository throughout the duration of the case?

Instead of creating a static Statement of Net Worth , use Easy Soft’s EzSupport-NY software to make each one a dynamic document. Each time you receive financial information and updates from your client, opposing counsel, and third parties, input that additional financial information into your Easy Soft New York divorce forms software .

You can also use your Easy Soft New York divorce forms software to generate various distribution proposals. Using our software, once the assets and liabilities are entered, you can allocate those resources between the two parties. And, as you consider different options, you can easily change asset and liability allocations to generate a new report, including new dollar totals and percentage views.

Another way to use our New York family law software is to help your client prepare for income tax filings during and after the case. The Statement of Net Worth also contains income information, dependent information, details relative to purchase of a home that might be sold, accounts that might be income generating, and retirement funds that might be loaned against or cashed out in whole or in part. Accountants find this inventory useful, too, as they try to collect much of the same information.

This same income information from the Statement of Net Worth is also used to perform New York child support . Automation of child support and spousal support computations is just another reason to think of your client’s net worth form as a versatile and dynamic part of the divorce case.

And then there is post-divorce financial planning with a financial manager or investment advisor. Instead of your client having to go through repeat financial questions, your client can simply provide a copy of the Easy Soft Statement of Net Worth to the advisor, so that the conversation can move forward into goal setting.

With all these reasons to start using our EzSupport-NY software, isn’t it time you started your download?

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Short Sales Predicted to Surge in 2012? Get your Easy Soft HUD Software!

It’s now becoming mainstream media headline news: according to CNN, short sales are expected to surge in 2012. It seems American homeowners have figured out that short sales are an alternative to foreclosure. In January alone, CNN reported that short sales rose 33% compared to the same time last year.

If you’re already a practicing real estate attorney, now is the time for you to download a free demo of our Easy HUD software to make all your HUD-1 forms as easy as automation can be. With Easy HUD, you get the power of a single data entry point that automatically fills in all the blanks on HUD documents, including the HUD Settlement Statement .

In a short sale, the lender accepts a lesser payment than what is owed in satisfaction of the loan. The lesser figure can be proffered when a ready buyer makes a written offer on a property and the seller wants to accept the offer.

What else is about to contribute to the short sale trend in 2012? New regulations from the Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that will make our HUD software more useful than ever. News is that the FHFA is going to require lenders to respond to short sale requests within 30-days. This regulation could drop the lender response time to 30-days from an average of over 300-days, further increasing the desirability of short sales over foreclosures. Are you ready to HUD 1 at Mach 1?

In response to these regulations, you’ll also be expected to act quickly on behalf of your clients. With our Easy HUD software, your automation of the HUD 1 Closing Statement will save you time and allows your client to complete the short sale as soon as the lender gives the okay. Our HUD 1 will make you Number 1 with your clients.

As a practical matter, even with the new regulation, there may continue to be other delays between approval of a short sale offer and the closing of the transfer of title. With our Easy HUD software, no matter how many times a closing is rescheduled, the calculations are easily recalculated by the software and put straight into forms like the HUD 1. You simply input the closing date, the annual taxes, the tax rates, and let Easy Soft do the rest, including the HUD Settlement Statement .

As fast as you can say “ HUD 1 ,” you can start your free download of a trial copy of the Easy Soft HUD software to help you prepare for the surge in short sales. Now that’s a wave that worth catching.

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HUD 1 or No HUD 1? Easy Soft for All Your Title Transfer Needs

There has been lots of news recently in the real estate market. The National Association of Home Builders announced its 2012 Best in American Living Awards. In the top five features, multi-generational homes experienced a 30% increase in demand.

With Americans living longer in a tight economy, remodeling of properties is being accompanied by restructuring of Deeds. Properties are moving from ownership of older parents to the next generation, who are moving into the house. It might be a life estate structure or it might be an outright transfer of ownership. To HUD 1 or not to HUD 1 might be very much on your mind as a real estate attorney.

Whether you need a HUD 1 Closing Statement or not will depend upon whether you go through a formal closing to make a house transfer between generations of the same family. You might recommend the house be appraised for its current fair market value. You might suggest a transfer title and cash out some of the equity through a new loan against the property. You need to check on whether transfer taxes will be due and owing and what forms need to be filed. If you have our Easy HUD software, you have some of the tools necessary to prepare transfer documents.

To compliment Easy HUD software, Easy Soft’s real estate document software comes with more than 200 pre-loaded forms. Data is entered once in a centralized data entry screen, and then you select which forms you want the software to populate. Our software also gives you real estate document management capability when you use the document index as a checklist to ensure that you have all the necessary real estate closing documents .

Our real estate documents software and our HUD software work in tandem. You can purchase just one or the other, as your needs dictate. The two programs, when purchased together, are fully integrated so that you can generate, view, and print more than 200 real estate closing documents .

Licenses for Easy HUD software begin at $179.50 and licenses for Easy Real Estate Documents software begin at $199. For less than $400 and a couple of computer downloads, you could be automated within the hour. Our technical support staff awaits your questions at no extra cost during the first year of your purchase.

At Easy Soft, our job is to make your job as an intergenerational real estate attorney as easy as possible. We leave to you how you manage the meeting with all concerned parties, sitting in your office. (Coffee not included.)

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Easy Soft Legal Billing Software Turns Scarcity into Profitability

What’s your R&D ratio?

If you’re a lawyer and don’t see the relevance of the question to your legal billing software, think again.

Big business has long known that the way to raise the bottom line is to invest some of today’s profits into tomorrow’s research and development.  While lawyers subscribe to all sorts of legal updates (the research part), they are often slow in the adoption of technology (the development part).

Perhaps it’s time for lawyers to take a lesson from big business with an investment to purchase Easy Soft’s attorney billing software to increase future profitability.

With Easy Soft’s lawyer billing software, you record your time on a daily basis so you don’t miss any entries.  You run the clock when you are doing billable work in the office.  You input entries from delivery of professional services outside the office, as soon as you get back.

When you use our lawyer billing software, you also gain valuable management reports.  You can also use your Easy Soft attorney billing software to create an overview of the week’s billing, including the total number of hours billed. Our management reports are created with the click of a button.

So, what if the billing report shows you are billing less than 20 hours per week for clients with funds on retainer? Instead of being disappointed in your performance, turn your legal billing software report into an opportunity for profitability. Do you forget to make time entries? Cross-reference your calendar and expense receipts against the entries you made in your attorney billing software to ensure that all billable work and reimbursable expenses are recorded.

Are you spending too much time on clients with overdue balances instead of prioritizing clients with money in your IOLTA? Even if your loyalty is virtuous, non-payment of your fees means non-payment by you of your own bills.

A simple investment into Easy Soft lawyer billing software – with licenses starting at just $249 – can easily translate into hours per week of profitable billing.  That’s an R&D ROI to put you thousands of dollars in the black.  Translation into plain English?  Our attorney billing software starts making you money as soon as you start to use it.

In the current economy, it is tempting to pinch pennies as another reason to put off buying legal billing software.  But, a recent article in the Realty Times called this approach “The Big Mistake.”  Using a “scarcity mindset” to constrict the flow of capital used to invest in your own business limits your opportunities for profitability and growth.

Today is your opportunity to turn scarcity into profitability with Easy Soft’s attorney billing software.  Purchase your copy today, and start realizing higher profits within the hour.

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Legal Billing Software Fit to Withstand the IRS

Have you considered the possibility that the bills you currently send out to your clients might become part of an IRS audit?

This scenario begins when your client claims a deduction of legal fees and costs on his or her personal or business income tax returns.  It could put you into the middle of a conversation with your client, your client’s tax preparer, and federal and state income tax authorities.

The questions in this scenario are whether you use Easy Soft’s legal billing software and whether you use it to your client’s strategic income tax benefit?

At issue could be hundreds of dollars in income tax liability for your client.

Lawyers’ fees carefully documented through our attorney billing software may be eligible for income tax deduction if they are incurred to create taxable income.  In the family law arena, for example, money paid by clients to lawyers to create income in the form of alimony and alimony collections might be deductible on clients’ income tax returns.

So how do you use Easy Soft’s attorney billing software to help your client appropriately deduct legal fees, save on taxes, and become a hero in the process?

First, identify the potential income tax deduction for your client as soon as you start to work on the case.  Notify your client of the tax deduction opportunity and recommend a conference with the client’s accountant or tax preparer.  Itemize all of these activities, using your Easy Soft lawyer billing software.

Second, use your Easy Soft legal billing software to record descriptions of professional services and expenses that clearly describe your services as income-generating activity for your client.  For example, in your time entries in your Easy Soft attorney billing software, use phrases like “compute temporary alimony utilizing New York’s mandatory formula” and “create alternative alimony scenarios for settlement proposal” or “produce reports to discuss alimony figures with client for her pre-approval to include in settlement proposal.”

Third, take a good look at the information you are inputting into your Easy Soft attorney billing software.  Are you being paid with a personal check for personal work and a business check for business work?  The deduction scenario can also crop up when a client claims a business expense for legal fees that have nothing to do with his or her business.

In any one of these scenarios, your best response will come from having created and maintained accurate and detailed billing records using your Easy Soft lawyer billing software.  With our legal billing software, you retain your database of entries, you can retain electronic .pdf and/or Word copies, and you can generate and store paper copies.

Our attorney billing software may just be the best antacid we can legally prescribe for a client income tax audit.

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