Affordable Arizona State Divorce Calculator – With Document Automation

There has been no single, comprehensive, and affordable divorce law software in Arizona that acts as both a child support calculator, and an automatic generator of forms—including the crucial financial affidavits. Until now.

In April, 2011, Easy Soft launched EzSupport-AZ. This powerful Arizona divorce law software:

1. Generates Financial Affidavits—Automatically. Our EzSupport-AZ software encompasses the Affidavits of Financial Information and Inventory, crucial documents used to present the divorcing couple’s entire financial picture. It’s powerful software that does the math for you—so you can ensure accuracy and maximize the flexibility of options for your client.

2. Provides Arizona Child Support Calculator. Our intelligent software performs crucial calculations and prepares multiple support scenarios—so that you can locate the best option for your client.

3. Generates Customized Forms. In all family law cases, certain basic information (names of parties, years of marriage, names and ages of children) remains the same throughout. This makes it a no-brainer to generate the documents required for any family law case – even the ones which are settled out of court—through the same suite of software that produces your worksheets and your financial calculations.

Easy Soft has seized on this simple principle to bring it all together for our customers.

Invest in our EzSupport-AZ software today, and you’ll get an all-in-one kit that generates financial affidavits, performs other complex divorce calculations, provides Arizona child support guidelines, and generates all of the legal forms you need for your cases.

  • Comparative software won’t give you all of this. Instead, they do it in bits and pieces.
  • Comparative software won’t also provide free setup, unlimited training, free upgrades, practice customization (check with us), unlimited educational support, unlimited tech support, and easy-to-access, personalized service.

Focus less on the financials, and more on advocating and negotiating on behalf of your client.

To learn more about our AZ divorce software, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.