Billing Software Excuse #2: I Don’t Understand Computers


Today we present part two of our ongoing series that investigates the myths surrounding law office billing software. In this post we address the concern that legal software programs are too hard for non-technical people to use.

Some people just don’t like computers. They might be intimidated by the machines or embarrassed by their lack of computer knowledge, so they avoid the situation by continuing to use outdated solutions to the problem of office billing. They are afraid that they will need a lot of technical skill to use the law office billing software.

To be fair, this myth has some basis in the past. In the early days of personal computers, only technical people–the computer nerds–owned them. Applications were written by computer programmers for computer programmers. Early software interfaces were pretty intimidating and so were the thick manuals that came with the applications. Later the concept of “user friendliness” was considered pretty groundbreaking. What a great idea–creating software that was easy to use! Why didn’t we think of that? Well actually we did.

Easy Soft’s goal from the beginning was to create legal software programs for the average attorney. You don’t have to be an automotive engineer to drive a car, and you shouldn’t need a Computer Science degree to use law office billing software. Our software developers focused on producing user friendly software long before there was a hip buzzword for it.

Easy Soft’s law office billing software and other legal software programs use intuitive controls. Our goal is for you to be able to get going in a matter of minutes without needing to know the difference between a megabit and a gigahertz. The intuitive design is backed by a comprehensive online help system and Easy Soft’s own technical support agents to ensure you never have to scratch your head over a message like “System Error #32: Invalid communication protocol” or waste an hour trying to figure out how to do something as simple as enter a client’s name.

Our products may have intuitive interfaces but our law office billing software has not been dumbed down in any way. Our law office management software is packed with tools essential for today’s attorneys. You don’t have to pick between an application that is easy to use and one that has all the features you need.

See for yourself just how easy your new billing system is to use and how comprehensive its features are. Download a demo of our law office billing software and get up and running in a few minutes.