Billing Software Excuse #3: Accounting Is For Accountants

In part three of our series on myths about law office billing software we examine another common reason we hear for attorneys not wanting to use Easy Soft law office management software: lawyers don’t do accounting.

Rather than using law office billing software some practices prefer to hand off all financial matters to an outside accounting firm. Invoices, checks and other financial records are simply shipped off to the bookkeepers and forgotten about.

Although outsourcing is a valid business tactic to allow any business to focus on core tasks, it doesn’t take ultimate responsibility away from managers and the company owner. Managers still need to be aware of the practice’s current financial state. Monthly bookkeeping reports don’t provide information as quickly as in-house law office billing software and that means the firm won’t have time to react to sudden financial events.

Law office billing software gives law firms the ability to keep abreast of the practice’s financial condition. At a glance authorized users can see outstanding invoices, balances owed by client, and easily record time and expenses incurred on a case. The law office management software is so easy to use that in many cases it actually takes less time for attorneys to enter information themselves than to pass records to a bookkeeper.

In fact practices often find that law office billing software makes the practice’s bookkeeping so simple they can do without outside financial help. Not only do the firms have a better understanding of the organization’s cash flow, but they can save money by not hiring unneeded financial services.

Of course even the best law office billing software can’t take the place of a qualified and certified professional. We recommend you consult with an accountant periodically to ensure your organization’s finances are on the right track. The frequency of consultation will depend on the size of your organization. Single-attorney practices might be fine seeing an accountant once a year while large firms might need monthly meetings.

However law office billing software takes the drudgery out of day-to-day bookkeeping as well as providing powerful tools designed to help you track expenses, bill clients and collect fees owed. Find out more about Easy Soft’s law office management software by downloading a demo or contacting us for information.