Billing Software Excuse #6: Bad Experiences

We’ve had clients say they are reluctant to try our products because they have had problems with similar applications from other developers in the past. Although it’s understandable to be a bit gun shy after a bad experience, you shouldn’t judge all law office billing software by one unfortunate incident. When we’ve talked to our clients about it in more detail we’ve found past problems come from one of three sources: generic software, bad software and old technology.

There are many great office billing applications out there designed for the needs of any business. Yes it is certainly possible to adapt these to unique law practice tasks such as trust accounting but that typically leads to clumsy, error-prone solutions. It requires more work from your practice to set up a system that supports your office’s needs than it would be to use dedicated law practice management software. Easy Soft products are developed specifically for law office tasks and are much easier to use than generic business applications.

On the other hand maybe you used law practice management software and still had problems. Each of the law office products on the market has its own strengths and weaknesses. Now we know we’re a little biased, but we really believe that Easy Soft produces the best legal software you can find. Some of our competitors put out very good products. Others have law office applications that are, shall we say, less ideal for the needs of today’s legal practices. The point is just because another product didn’t meet your practice’s needs doesn’t mean that ours won’t.

Finally, computer technology has evolved at an astonishing rate over the more than twenty years we have been offering our legal software programs. The latest versions of software such as Easy TimeBill provide many more features to our customers than we could offer even a few years ago. If the products you’ve tried in the past seemed too limited, try the latest generation of law office billing software to see how much more functional and valuable these tools are to a modern legal practice.

Judge for yourself by downloading a demo of Easy TimeBill or any of our legal software programs. Test our products thoroughly and contact us if you have any questions so you can feel confident that Easy Soft products are right for you.