Easy Attorney Trust Accounting Software

In the swirl of an attorney’s day is the ever-constant reminder of client #1:  the law firm.  Lawyers share a personality trait of a desire to help other people with their problems.  But, ethics, malpractice, and fee collection are those personal, non-billable matters that attorneys put off.  As a consequence, attorneys put their livelihood at risk. The answer is as easy as saying Easy Soft “legal software.” Today, let’s talk about just one area of professional responsibility and that is the trust account for client advance retainer deposits.  Fortunately for you, there’s “Easy Trust” attorney trust accounting software and “Easy TimeBill” legal billing software. Lawyers operate at least two bank accounts.  One is the operating account for receipt of client payments and remittance of bills.  The other is the escrow account for moneys that clients provide, in advance, to be held in trust by you for future billing. Our attorney trust accounting software can help you avoid mistakes.  When you perform attorney trust accounting by hand or in spreadsheets, it is all too simple to make a math mistake and overdraw one or more client payments from your IOLTA account.  The problem is that overpayment by one client is taken from the funds of another client, so it won’t jump out as a bank account overdraw or a bounced check.  But, it’s not an innocent math mistake.  It could become an ethics violation and cost you in more ways than one. We’ve specifically designed our law office billing software to help you meet your ethic requirements for trust accounts.  When you receive an advance retainer deposit from a client, you enter it into our legal software.  Every time you work on a client matter using our legal software, you will see the balance of the client retainer deposit on your screen.  Any time you want to see a list clients and balances in the IOLTA, all you have to do is open our legal software and click on reports.  And, at the end of the month, you balance the IOLTA account against the bank statement, and click to see an updated report of client escrow balances. The beauty of using our attorney billing software for these and other trust accounting functions is the precision of automation, the ease of seeing reports compiled from available information, and the constant reminders of these available software functions. When a lawyer is in compliance with trust accounting, responding to a grievance or inquiry is as easy as pulling the file, making photocopies, and providing a detailed narrative.  The easiest way to accomplish this feat?  Easy.  Use Easy Soft for your legal software needs.