From Horseback to Internet, Facilitating Your Client Meetings in Cyberspace

In days of yore, lawyers rode out on horseback to meet with their clients.  Then, with the proliferation of automobiles, clients started driving into town to meet with their lawyer.  Now, as the pace of society quickens, attorneys and clients might meet once to sign the Retainer Agreement and not again until court appearances.

If your clientele has gone virtual, you need Easy Soft’s family law programs, which allow you to print and mail, or, save and e-mail your work product to your clients.

Easy Soft divorce settlement software gives you the option of saving a draft in Microsoft Word or as a .pdf.  As this two minute video of Easy Soft’s family law software will show you, the advantage of sending your client a Word document is that they can edit it.  By contrast, sending your client a .pdf document means they can’t edit the draft and it retains its appearance when it’s opened on a client’s phone, tablet, or PC.

This fluid, electronic communication feature found in Easy Soft’s family law software can also be used for drafts to opposing counsel of divorce settlement proposals and divorce settlement contracts.

Easy Soft’s family law software also gives you the option to receive information from your client that you can import into the program.  Just watch this five minute video to see how simple the Easy Soft family law software makes it for your client to communicate with you.  Simply provide your client with the Easy Soft family law software form.  Once it’s complete, your client e-mails it back to you.  You review it and import it directly into your Easy Soft family law program.

Both Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat .pdfs are the most utilized programs of their kind.  This means that you can send documents you produce with Easy Soft family law products to clients, attorneys, and judges without the recipient having to purchase or download Easy Soft products.

With the Easy Soft suite of family law programs, it’s like having an office meeting with your client in cyberspace.