How To Find The Best Legal Billing Software

Automating your law office allows you to serve more clients and generate more revenue. You have many choices in billing software for lawyers and of course we think that Easy Time Bill is the ideal option. But don’t take our word for it. Evaluate the products and decide which one best suits your practice’s needs.

A good place to start is by reading time billing software reviews. If you haven’t used billing software before you might not know what features to look for and the reviews can help you come up with your own system for evaluation. Consider the source when reading a review. An assessment done by an attorney or a bar association will be more valuable than an article written by some guy who reviewed recipe databases yesterday and will evaluate the best zombie apocalypse computer game tomorrow.

We recommend you look only at dedicated lawyer billing software rather than general business finance packages. Attorneys have unique needs such as trust accounting, multiple hourly rates and practice management. Trying to adapt generic software to a law practice requires extra work and creates more chance for billing and accounting errors.

Once you have an idea of what your practice needs, evaluate the different products. Download demos. Take them through their paces. Call the companies and ask questions. The right law practice management software will stay with you through your entire career so take the time to find the best product early on.

Consider the history of the company. You might find what seems like a great product, but if the developer has been around only a year, who know if they will still be there to offer support down the road? You would be better off dealing with a business that has over 20 years’ experience with attorney time and billing software-a business like Easy Soft.

If you should decide that a competing product is best for your practice, then do us a favor. Drop us a line at 800-905-7638 and let us know what factored into your final decision. Help us to develop better tools for attorneys so we can be your software of choice next time.