New RESPA Rule – There’s a Gray Area

The new RESPA Rules are underway and real estate professionals are discovering that many questions they have fall into a gray area. Because real estate closings are done differently from region to region in order to comply with individual state laws, there isn’t always one hard and fast rule that works for all while preparing HUD settlement statements.

You’ll find presentation material everywhere, providing advice on settlement statement preparation. Since the announcement of RESPA reform, Easy Soft has been at the forefront of training for real estate professionals.

Because we field questions from thousands of our customers nationwide, we know the wide variety of stumbling blocks you encounter as you begin to implement the new Rule. Through careful research, our experts have formulated answers to help you, no matter where you live.

Easy Soft maintains a FAQ page on our website:

You will find answers for many tricky questions. For example, how to prepare the GFE-HUD comparison sheet, when the title agent is on the lender provided list, but the settlement agent is not (or vice versa!). Read on, and have fun!

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