NJ Family Law Software for Divorce Lawyers on the Go

We know you’re not always sitting in your office, or in front of your computer. That’s why we’ve developed mobile applications for divorce lawyers on the go.

As one of the nation’s leading family law software companies, we are pleased to announce the launch of our NJ Child Support Calculator Smartphone app (mEasySoft). At no charge*.

mEasySoft allows you to calculate child support amounts, quickly and accurately, right on your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, iPad, or other mobile device. It allows you to evaluate and settle divorces: confidently, responsibly, and remotely.

Imagine: you can evaluate settlement offers on-the-spot—you’re still in court or taking the deposition. You can perform comparisons of alimony payments versus lump-sum settlements on your morning commute—and then email them to yourself. You can pull up ballpark numbers…while at the ballpark! And you can do so while talking to a potential divorce client that you met while on the go.

mEasySoft does most things that our family law software does. It:

•  Keeps you updated with the latest state tax and guideline changes.

•  Allows you to perform calculations—and then email them to yourself, your client, and anyone else you like.

•  Performs the trickiest calculations—such as figuring out the difference between teenage support adjustments at the initial award level v. the support modification level.

If you’re a current Case Information Settlement Software (CIS) or Divorce Financials Software subscriber, then both the mEasySoft app and corresponding tech support are free . Just use the regular support channels.

iPhone. Install Now, or just search for “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.

iPAD. Install Now, or just search for “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.

Android. Install Now, or just search for “easysoft” in your Android App Store.

Blackberry. Install Now, or just search for “nj child support” in your BlackBerry App Store.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorneys, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.

* Apps are free for current Easy Soft subscribers.