NJ Family Lawyers: We’re combining Case Information Statement Software and FamilyDocs!

Great news for NJ family lawyers! We are integrating our Case Information Statement software and our FamilyDocs program into one streamlined package. When the two programs are combined, you’ll have access to a single, powerful piece of software designed to harness technology in our practice, and to free you up to perform the more lawyerly aspects of your job: advise and manage your clients, negotiate their cases, litigate, and keep your law firm running smoothly.

Easy Soft’s FamilyDocs contains the entire library of New Jersey family law forms from Skoloff and Cutler, as published by the New Jersey ICLE. In total, the software puts over 120 family law forms at your disposal.

CIS, or Case Information Statement, is the NJ’s most popular family law software today. New Jersey family law attorneys choose Easy Soft’s CIS software because they get all the tools they need to prepare child support worksheets and Case Information Statements in record time and in accordance with New Jersey Guidelines -all in one package.

Throughout NJ, more than 1500 plus law firms, legal services and other state-run agencies, law schools, and paralegal schools rely on CIS, which (in its current format) includes:

•  Child support worksheets such as for sole and shared child support, custodial and non-custodial, etc.

•  Commonly needed forms, such as the confidential litigant information sheet, insurance certification, etc.

•  The complete Guidelines text.

•  An automated Case Information Statement-with advanced features.

•  The ability to customize any form, save it in Word or PDF, and email it.

•  NEW! A companion mobile app for Smartphones and tablet computers.

When we combine the modules, you’ll have the option to license both. Best of all, you’ll only need to enter case information once: not twice. The efficiency makes things so easy.

That’s why we call it Easy Soft.

To learn more about our divorce software for attorneys, call Easy Soft at 800 905 7638.