NY Divorce Software That Simplifies, Well, Everything

Changes in New York State divorce law in 2010 threw a few things out of whack.

We know. It’s your job to stay on top of changes in laws and regulations. But it’s also our job to keep our software rigorously up to date.

Enter EzSupport-NY. New York family law software that creates a case management center for each of your clients. You can have your NY family law forms, your support and maintenance calculators and worksheets, and all case correspondence stored—and generated—in one place.

We love it, and we trust you will too.

You look at the lower left panel for your navigation tabs.

You go to “Case Info” to enter your case information: the wife, the husband, the children and their ages, etc.

You click on “Support Worksheets” to generate Child Support and Temporary Maintenance Worksheets. To print the worksheets, simply click “Print.”

You click “Add Worksheets” to generate a comparison of multiple worksheet scenarios. Make your changes for each scenario, save, and click on Summary to compare.

The data you’ve collected produces a statement of net worth—where all the calculations are generated for you. And you can add an unlimited number of expense items, asset items, and debit items—particularly useful for high net work individuals. The form automatically expands to accommodate your entries. To print, you just click “Print”.

At your command, any form you need merges with your captured case data. For example, you can click on “UD-6: Affidavit of Plaintiff.” The merged form is now nearly ready, after you answer just a few remaining questions.

All prepared documents can be saved as a PDF or Word document. They can all be emailed directly from the software, too.

Easy, right?

That’s why we call it Easy Soft.