Paperless Invoicing Is Easy With Time and Billing Software

You may not realize how expensive it is to send out invoices. In addition to postage you are paying for stationery and printer toner as well as the time it takes the staff to print bills and stuff envelopes and the storage space you need to keep your copies of all this paper. Fast and efficient paperless billing is in the reach of even the smallest law firm with the help of Easy Soft’s legal billing and accounting software, Easy TimeBill.

Electronic Documents

The simplest form of electronic billing is email. You can use Easy TimeBill time and billing software for lawyers to track hours and expenses associated with a client separated by matter. It’s easy to monitor retainers so you don’t run out of funds, and to manage trust accounts with the addition of Easy Trust. When it is time to generate your invoices, you can save the invoice as a Word or PDF file with a simple click. The electronic files look just like the paper invoices you might send.

The great thing is you don’t even need a separate email program to send the files to the client. Enter the client’s email address as part of the case record and you can email the electronic invoices from within Easy TimeBill.

LEDES98B — True Electronic Billing

A lot of electronic billing isn’t designed to be read by human eyes. Your invoice will be read by another software program by a client who maintains electronic financial records. You probably won’t need this in a typical divorce or bankruptcy case, but if you deal with large firms such as insurance companies you’ll find that e-billing is a necessity. Many of these organizations simply won’t accept paper invoices as they are too cumbersome.

Computers can’t be expected to search your invoices for information. They expect electronic invoices to have the information arranged in a specific format. The industry standard for e-billing is a format called LEDES98B. You don’t need to worry about what that means; all you need is attorney time and billing software capable of sending in that format. Easy TimeBill can.

You don’t have to hire an IT expert or invest thousands of dollars in an expensive infrastructure to convert to electronic billing. Check out the e-billing features built into Easy TimeBill and see how easy it is. With over 20 years of experience in attorney practice management software development, you know Easy Soft does legal e-billing right.