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Can Accounting Software Be Both Simple And Complex?

Have you ever used software so complicated that you had to hire a consultant to teach you how to use it? And how did that work out for you? When it comes to desired features in legal billing and accounting software, “horribly complicated” isn’t at the top of the list. If the software is too hard to use then you and your staff are going to end up finding creative ways not to use it.

Easy Soft’s attorney billing software, Easy TimeBill, is designed to be a simple and intuitive financial system for today’s legal practice. You don’t have to hire an expensive instructor just to figure out how to enter time sheets and expenses. You can get up and running in a matter of minutes after installation.

Don’t worry–”simple” doesn’t mean “underpowered”. Easy TimeBill has all the capabilities you need to run your law firm including multi-rate time tracking, finance charge calculation, invoice generation, electronic billing and full integration with Easy Trust, our escrow accounting software. You will find all the financial tools your law office needs in this software tool.

Although you can start using Easy TimeBill without any instruction, you’ll still find plenty of assistance when you need it. The attorney time and billing software comes with a comprehensive online help system plus you can find an assortment of training videos on the Easy Soft website that help you learn to use the software to its fullest. If you still have questions then our friendly customer service staff will be happy to help you.

In addition to the traditional desktop version, Easy TimeBill comes in a new cloud version that makes it even easier to use. You don’t need to worry about installing the software, worrying about whether it will work on your computer system, or updating it as new versions come out. The cloud version can be used from any web-capable device, even iPads and other tablet computers, and you can be confident you are always using the latest release of the software. You don’t need a computer specialist in your office to use Easy Soft law practice management software.

To answer the question, yes accounting software can also be both simple (to use) and complex (in function). Find out how easy Easy TimeBill is to use by downloading a demo or using the full version risk-free for up to 30 days.

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Maintain Practice Security With User Permissions

If you have multiple users accessing Easy TimeBill, then you probably don’t want everyone to be able to do everything. You don’t want to give any one user more authority than necessary because that weakens the overall security of any legal billing and accounting software. You wouldn’t give every person authority to write company checks, so why give them access to the electronic equivalent?

Access the user permission dialog by selection “Tools > Setup Users” from the menu. You’ll see that one account named “Administrator” has already been created by the software. From this dialog you can add, edit or delete legal billing software accounts.

Click “Add Users” to create an account for a new employee. Enter the login ID, user name and password for the account. You can also enter a job title, though this is optional. Below this header are several check boxes that allow you to set the permissions for this worker.

Be stingy when assigning permissions in the attorney billing software. Not everyone in the practice needs to be able to print checks, for example. The fewer permissions you assign, the easier it will be to track down any security problems later. It doesn’t matter how trustworthy the employee is. Basic security theory says you don’t give a key to someone who doesn’t need to open a lock.

Billing and Bank permissions are pretty self-explanatory. If a user needs all of these permissions you can give that person “Master User” permission, which incorporates all Billing and Bank capabilities.

You can also assign Lite permissions for people who need limited access to the attorney time and billing software. Trust Lite gives read-only access to trust account information. Billing Lite allows a user to create time and expense cards only. Billing Lite users can be given additional permissions to allow them to manage matters, invoices, balances and billing reports.

Permissions are easy to add and remove if the user’s job duties change or if you realize the original permissions don’t fit the position. Click “Edit” on the user setup screen to add or remove permissions as needed. Permission changes take effect immediately.

You can delete users from the list if you want but a better option is to edit the user and click the “User Inactive” box in the lower right hand corner. That prevents an ex-employee from logging into the software but retains all records associated with that employee’s transactions.

Contact Easy Soft to find out more about how the security features in our attorney practice management software protect you from theft and fraud, and guard your clients’ sensitive information.

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If You Aren’t Watching Your Money Then Who Is?

You’re an attorney not an accountant so it can be easy to dismiss the financial details of running your practice in favor of actually practicing law. However aggressive bill collection is a part of a successful practice. Aggressive doesn’t mean nasty, but it does mean you need to stay on top of each client’s account. After all if you don’t think billing is important, why should your clients?

Attorney billing software takes much of the burden off your shoulders. The software tracks hours, expenses, payments, late fees and more. Once you enter a transaction you can let the law practice management software handle the math, generate invoices and print checks. However even the best lawyer billing software can’t take the place of the human brain operating it.

You need to have an overall idea of how your practice is doing financially but you don’t want to waste hours poring over ledgers trying to figure things out. You want to spend just a few minutes seeing the situation at a glance so you can spot any problems and act on them right away. The law firm billing software provides those kinds of financial overviews.

Easy TimeBill offers a quick overview of your finances and yet also gives you enough detail to act. When you click the Billing Matter button you are given a comprehensive view of all active accounts. The summary lists amounts for each client and matter that haven’t been billed yet and that have been billed but not paid. Click on any line in the summary to get a detailed list of all time and expense cards, invoices and general transactions associated with that matter.

One reason to use dedicated law office billing software rather than generic business accounting products is these legal software programs track financial details unique to a law practice such as retainer balance. It’s one thing to get an initial retainer, but you need to keep an eye on the balance and be prepared to take action when it gets low. Your generic software probably can’t warn you when a retainer balance is low, but our law office management software can.

Find out for yourself just how easy it is to automate your practice with our legal billing software. Download a demo of Easy TimeBill or our other products, or try the purchased products risk-free for 30 days.


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Easy Soft Legal Billing Software Turns Scarcity into Profitability

What’s your R&D ratio?

If you’re a lawyer and don’t see the relevance of the question to your legal billing software, think again.

Big business has long known that the way to raise the bottom line is to invest some of today’s profits into tomorrow’s research and development.  While lawyers subscribe to all sorts of legal updates (the research part), they are often slow in the adoption of technology (the development part).

Perhaps it’s time for lawyers to take a lesson from big business with an investment to purchase Easy Soft’s attorney billing software to increase future profitability.

With Easy Soft’s lawyer billing software, you record your time on a daily basis so you don’t miss any entries.  You run the clock when you are doing billable work in the office.  You input entries from delivery of professional services outside the office, as soon as you get back.

When you use our lawyer billing software, you also gain valuable management reports.  You can also use your Easy Soft attorney billing software to create an overview of the week’s billing, including the total number of hours billed. Our management reports are created with the click of a button.

So, what if the billing report shows you are billing less than 20 hours per week for clients with funds on retainer? Instead of being disappointed in your performance, turn your legal billing software report into an opportunity for profitability. Do you forget to make time entries? Cross-reference your calendar and expense receipts against the entries you made in your attorney billing software to ensure that all billable work and reimbursable expenses are recorded.

Are you spending too much time on clients with overdue balances instead of prioritizing clients with money in your IOLTA? Even if your loyalty is virtuous, non-payment of your fees means non-payment by you of your own bills.

A simple investment into Easy Soft lawyer billing software – with licenses starting at just $249 – can easily translate into hours per week of profitable billing.  That’s an R&D ROI to put you thousands of dollars in the black.  Translation into plain English?  Our attorney billing software starts making you money as soon as you start to use it.

In the current economy, it is tempting to pinch pennies as another reason to put off buying legal billing software.  But, a recent article in the Realty Times called this approach “The Big Mistake.”  Using a “scarcity mindset” to constrict the flow of capital used to invest in your own business limits your opportunities for profitability and growth.

Today is your opportunity to turn scarcity into profitability with Easy Soft’s attorney billing software.  Purchase your copy today, and start realizing higher profits within the hour.

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Legal Billing Software Fit to Withstand the IRS

Have you considered the possibility that the bills you currently send out to your clients might become part of an IRS audit?

This scenario begins when your client claims a deduction of legal fees and costs on his or her personal or business income tax returns.  It could put you into the middle of a conversation with your client, your client’s tax preparer, and federal and state income tax authorities.

The questions in this scenario are whether you use Easy Soft’s legal billing software and whether you use it to your client’s strategic income tax benefit?

At issue could be hundreds of dollars in income tax liability for your client.

Lawyers’ fees carefully documented through our attorney billing software may be eligible for income tax deduction if they are incurred to create taxable income.  In the family law arena, for example, money paid by clients to lawyers to create income in the form of alimony and alimony collections might be deductible on clients’ income tax returns.

So how do you use Easy Soft’s attorney billing software to help your client appropriately deduct legal fees, save on taxes, and become a hero in the process?

First, identify the potential income tax deduction for your client as soon as you start to work on the case.  Notify your client of the tax deduction opportunity and recommend a conference with the client’s accountant or tax preparer.  Itemize all of these activities, using your Easy Soft lawyer billing software.

Second, use your Easy Soft legal billing software to record descriptions of professional services and expenses that clearly describe your services as income-generating activity for your client.  For example, in your time entries in your Easy Soft attorney billing software, use phrases like “compute temporary alimony utilizing New York’s mandatory formula” and “create alternative alimony scenarios for settlement proposal” or “produce reports to discuss alimony figures with client for her pre-approval to include in settlement proposal.”

Third, take a good look at the information you are inputting into your Easy Soft attorney billing software.  Are you being paid with a personal check for personal work and a business check for business work?  The deduction scenario can also crop up when a client claims a business expense for legal fees that have nothing to do with his or her business.

In any one of these scenarios, your best response will come from having created and maintained accurate and detailed billing records using your Easy Soft lawyer billing software.  With our legal billing software, you retain your database of entries, you can retain electronic .pdf and/or Word copies, and you can generate and store paper copies.

Our attorney billing software may just be the best antacid we can legally prescribe for a client income tax audit.

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Meet the Smiths – Part 4: Lawyer Billing Software for Your Bottom Line

You’ve been hired by Tom Smith for buying and selling his first house, buying his second house, divorcing the first Mrs. Smith and now divorcing the second Mrs. Smith.  He’s asking whether you’ll offer him a discount and you’re wondering if you’ve been billing him enough.

Easy Soft legal billing software to the rescue for your bottom line!

When you use Easy Soft’s law office billing software, you won’t miss one minute of billing.  When you’re in the office, you can open a new time slip, provide a description, and click on the clock to start earning.  When you leave for court or a meeting, you can create an entry with no time, and then edit the entry to input your time when you get back to your computer.  At the same time, you’ll remember to input out-of-pocket expenses associated with each time entry.

Our attorney billing software is so well designed that it allows you to select the type of billing, whether hourly, fixed fee, or recurring.  At the end of each day, take a moment to review your time entries and compare them to your calendar.  Even when you are working on a fixed fee basis, you can input your time into our law office billing software so that you can evaluate whether you are pricing for profitability.

When you also purchase our trust accounting software, your time law office billing software will become fully integrated to show you the balance of your client’s advance retainer deposit, as well.  This pair of software products helps you to strategically monitor how to allocate your time for profitability.  When Mr. Smith calls to relay his latest fight with Mrs. Smith Number Two, as soon as you start the clock running in your law office billing software, you know to mention to Mr. Smith that an additional deposit will be necessary because there’s only $200 left in trust from his original deposit.

And, if you do decide to offer Mr. Smith that discount for his second divorce, our attorney billing software has a feature that will let you select the type of discount as one-time or on-going and whether it is a percentage or a fixed dollar amount.  These deductions appear as written entries on the monthly client invoice, so you can build good will with Mr. Smith – just in case he should need to hire you, again.

Get paid for all of your professional services using Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill.

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