Unlimited Growth Potential – Attorney Billing Software

At Easy Soft, we’re optimists.  We even program our legal software with features full of optimism.

Take our legal billing software, for example.  We’ve built it to fit your firm today and the firm you might want to grow, tomorrow.  You can purchase Easy TimeBill today with a single license and add additional billers as you hire them.  For offices with more than three simultaneous users, select our “enterprise” attorney billing software for the best price.

Or, consider the feature of unlimited numbers of clients.  With Easy TimeBill legal billing software, you can enter as many clients as hire your firm.  Each client is assigned an individual client number to organize time and expense entries.  At month’s end, no matter how many of those unlimited clients need invoices sent out, our legal software will instantly organize every new time and expense entry and create individual invoices.

Repeat business?  That’s also not a problem for our legal billing software.  If the same client hires you for more than one matter, Easy Time Bill will assign a unique sub-number for each matter.  You can even use different billing rates for different projects under the same client.

At Easy Soft, all of our legal software is ready to grow with your firm.  If you move your offices to a new location, make one set of changes to the law firm’s address and all future documents will automatically populate with your new address.  If you go from a sole proprietorship to an LLC or if you add another partner to the name of your firm, just make those changes once on a main data screen, and let our law office software do the rest.

Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention just one more great feature.  When you land that über-big client you were dreaming you’d land, yup, you guessed it:  Easy Soft’s law firm billing software has an endless number of digit places ready-and-waiting for that billing, too!