What Can We Learn From The Healthcare.gov Debacle?

Both supporters and detractors of the Affordable Healthcare Act agree on one thing: the healthcare exchange website launch has been a disaster. Software developers have nightmares of product release catastrophes but it’s rare that things go this badly. As a real estate professional, you don’t want to use RESPA software that could shut down your business like this and that’s why you should use a tested product like Easy HUD.

Experienced Developers

Everyone thinks creating software is easy but there are always problems. You need to work with a vendor who has over 20 years of experience developing real estate and attorney practice management software, someone who understands what users really need and who offers a product that has been used in the real world by professionals just like you. Easy HUD has thousands of satisfied customers so you don’t need to feel like you are an unpaid software tester.

Knowledge Of The Law

Laws change and legal software has to change with it. When the 2010 RESPA Final Rule was published and made significant changes to the HUD 1 settlement statement, we brought Easy HUD into full compliance quickly. As laws and tax rates change, Easy Soft releases free updates to Easy HUD so your office is always working under the latest rules.

New Technology

One of the common complaints heard about the healthcare.gov website is that it is using ten year old technology. In some industries older technology is tested and reliable; in software development older technology is unstable and insecure, or at the very least outdated and limited. Easy Soft stays abreast of new technological developments that give our HUD program the features needed by the modern real estate professional, features like:

  • Cloud Technology for an application as mobile as you are
  • High Security to ensure your clients’ privileged information stays private
  • Electronic 1099-S Filing so you can file as you close, avoiding the end-of-the-year IRS nightmare
  • Electronic Forms emailed from right within the program, because paper is so yesterday

And yet we haven’t lost sight of the past. Many of our customers prefer desktop software over cloud software, and paper HUD forms and correspondence over electronic versions. We offer a range of choices so you can pick the option that best suits the way you do business.

Find out how easy and robust Easy Soft title closing software is. Download a demo, or use the full product risk-free for 30 days.