Divorce Financials Software

Divorce Financials Software

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Divorce Financials is now available as a part of Family Law Solutions.


Optimize Settlements with Divorce Financials Divorce Planning Software
  • Tax Optimized Settlements: With basic data, analyze each party’s net disposable income.
  • Alimony Analysis: Analyze five alimony payment scenarios side by side.
  • Alimony Calculation: Compute required alimony based on recipient’s budget needs.
  • Alimony vs. Child Support: Analyze net disposable income and trade-offs.
  • Pension Valuation: Compute present value of a defined pension benefit plan.
  • Alimony Buyout: Compute present value of a future alimony payment stream.
  • Asset/Liability Distribution: Automate equitable distribution scenarios.
  • Lifestyle Analysis: Compute monthly expenses based on bank/credit card statements.
Convert prospects to clients and get better settlements

Family law attorneys, accountants, and other divorce professionals nationwide rely on Divorce Financials settlement statement software to analyze financial data and tax ramifications in divorce cases — no accounting skills needed! Attorneys and paralegals can easily master the use of this program. Tax-optimized divorce settlements often produce higher disposal incomes for both parties. Helping clients find a divorce settlement that minimizes tax obligations is not only a matter of professional responsibility but also an economic reality. Divorce software for attorneys calculates settlements more quickly and accurately than generic financial tools can.

Key Features

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With Divorce Financials, family law professionals can:
Divorce Financials family law software features include:

Analysis Details

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Alimony Payment Scenarios
Compute Alimony Based on Custodial Parent’s budget needs
Alimony vs. Child Support Tradeoffs
Lifestyle Analysis
Pension Valuation
Present Value of Alimony (Alimony Buyout)
Equitable Distribution
Divorce Financials and CIS Integration

FREE Mobile App

FREE Mobile App for Family Lawyers – mEasySoft

Easy Soft’s free mobile phone application provide a robust set of divorce settlement tools such as alimony buyout, pension value and alimony recapture as well as calculators for spousal support and child support by state. Whether you are having lunch with a client, are in chambers with the judge or are negotiating with opposing counsel, you will have the tools you need anytime and anywhere your smartphone, iPad or tablet has access to the internet. Try out mEasySoft family law software — free download!

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Technical Support

Divorce settlement tools are complicated and can be tricky even for seasoned family law attorneys. If you currently subscribe to Easy Soft divorce legal software, then the free family law software app mEasySoft includes technical support. Just use the support channels you currently use for Easy Soft products.

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