InfoGuard - Login Data Security Software

Manage and protect login data for all your company accounts one place.

  • Organize account login in a logical categorized manner.
  • Assign records to one or more groups, allowing access only for users who belong to the groups. Easily track which employees have access to various accounts.
  • View records display in a sortable grid. Quick and easy search capability.
  • Set User Level Access Controls. Each user can only accesses group records for which they have permission.
  • Memorize only one password.
  • For maximum password security, sensitive account information is encrypted when stored. Even if your InfoGuard database file were stolen, a hacker would not be able to access it.
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InfoGuard & You

Along with computers that drive today’s business environment come the ubiquitous logins for online and offline accounts. Employees need user names and passwords for everything from bank, email, social media and web hosting to utility company and service provider accounts.

For most companies, maintaining account login data, managing account security and providing employees with selected access is a daily challenge.

Now, you can say good-bye to login management and security headaches.

Put InfoGuard to work today

Create a hacker-safe database. Remember one master password and protect one InfoGuard file with all your company account logins and passwords.

Download and try it yourself! To purchase, call 800-905-7638.

Give it a try! It’s easy!

Try InfoGuard for free. InfoGuard license fee is $199 and include technical support for one year and an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. It’s that easy!