CIS And Divorce Financials:
Designed To Work Together

RESPA Final Rule

Different tools serve different purposes. Sometimes tools work together to do more as a set than they can do individually. That's how we've designed CIS and Divorce Financials, two of Easysoft's family law software products.

CIS - The Tool For New Jersey Attorneys

CIS is our NJ divorce software. As its name implies, it helps family law attorneys complete New Jersey's Case Information Statement but it does much more than that. Features such as CIS AutoFill streamline the data collection process. The Family Docs module offers over 130 forms, each of which automatically pulls data from the client's case file for standardized presentation.

Additional tools simplify complicated financial analysis such as lifestyle expenditure, and asset & liability distribution reports. Attorneys can easily analyze multiple child support scenarios to see which one best serves the interest of the child. If the custody agreement changes in the future, the attorney can pull up the old information, update it and produce a new child support worksheet in minutes.

Divorce Financials - Optimized Settlements

Divorce Financials divorce software for attorneys is designed to help create ideal divorce settlements that include property division, alimony and child support. The basic tools simplify the process of dividing up assets and liabilities by creating a central worksheet. Attorneys can quickly sort through a couple's property, assigning each item in whole or in part to each party.

Advanced tools analyze alimony settlements and defined benefit retirement plans to create lump sum buyout alternatives. Alimony can be calculated based on the payor's income, the recipient's budget or both. The tax implications of various alimony and child support scenarios can be analyzed to find an ideal solution for both parties. The powerful analytical tools built into Divorce Financials give you a big advantage during settlement negotiations.

Using Both Tools Together

While CIS and Divorce Financials are each great standalone products, they work even better together. Data exported from either application can be read by the other. You don't have to bother entering client information, income, expenses and assets separately into each application. Instead you can enter the information into one program and export it to be read by the other.

New Jersey attorneys can use CIS to create the Case Information Statement and determine child support and alimony. They can then use Divorce Financials to optimize the settlement, creating multiple scenarios and examining the tax implications of each. Property settlements can be tweaked and streamlined, in the hope of finding a happy compromise that leaves each party satisfied.

Easysoft's CIS and Divorce Financials software products each provide valuable tools to New Jersey family law attorneys and all family law attorneys respectively. When used together they create a combined suite of tools that greatly simplifies the divorce process. If you practice in New Jersey, try both tools to offer your clients a unified set of divorce settlement tools.

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