BeesPath ClosingBridge Integration

Easy Soft Real Estate Closing software now offers full integration with BeesPath ClosingBridge closing management system to bring you a new tool for faster, more efficient real estate closings. ClosingBridge is an all-in-one closing management system that provides lenders and settlement agents with the ability to securely and seamlessly exchange information throughout the real estate closing process.

BeesPath ClosingBridge Integration

Features & Benefits: Integration with BeesPath ClosingBridge allows lenders and settlement agents to easily and securely create and exchange information for simplified real estate closing.

Additional benefits include:

- Quickly produce real estate closing documents and forms

- Streamlined real estate closing document delivery

- Securely exchange data with built-in encryption

- Improved document and form accuracy

- 24/7 secure online and mobile access to documents and communications

- Integrated loan auditing using ComplianceAnalyzer

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