Automated Software Features Prevent Critical Trust Account Mistakes

The key word in the phrase “trust administration” is “trust”. Your clients have to be confident that their escrow funds will be managed safely and correctly. However your attorneys and staff are only human and sometimes mistakes are made even by the most scrupulous legal professionals. Easy Trust includes a host of automated features to catch and correct the most common errors.

The protection begins with data entry. Transactions keyed into the ledgers are automatically checked against basic rules of trust accounting to catch any unusual entries. For example if a misplaced decimal point would lead to an overdraft of the account, the software will warn the user and prevent the transaction from being entered

Once a matter has been concluded the corresponding escrow account should be closed to prevent any further activity. Some legal software programs require the user to manually close the account but that is a step that is easy to overlook. An escrow account left open is vulnerable to accidental transactions months or even years after the matter has been closed. Our law office management software automatically closes the account once the balance is zero and the account has been reconciled.

Large practices will have many people accessing the law office management software but that doesn’t mean every attorney or paralegal should be give unrestricted access to client accounts. Under our system each user has permissions assigned by the administrator. A clerk who needs access to prepare reports doesn’t need to also have permission to print checks or delete matters. Old users can be marked inactive so they can’t access sensitive trust information but their previous activity will still be visible in the accounts.

Most bar associations have specific trust accounting reporting requirements. Generating those three-way reconciliation reports manually is tedious, and overlooking a detail can lead to problems for the firm. Our software generates the reconciliation reports automatically so it is easier for your practice to meet the requirements.

Our trust software interfaces directly with Easy TimeBill, our law office billing software, to make it easy to include time tracking and billing of trust matters. You don’t need to enter information twice, leading to more opportunities for mistakes.

Don’t let trivial mistakes create not-so-trivial problems for your practice. Use Easy Trust and our other legal software programs to simplify legal tasks, secure your client’s sensitive trust information, and protect your law firm against liability.

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