Balancing the Impossible - NJ Equitable Distribution Made Easy

Remember the old fable about King Solomon and the mystery baby? Two mothers claimed the same baby, and so the wise king said, “let’s slice him in half.”

One of the mothers said, “okay.” The other said, “absolutely not. She can have him.” Of course, the latter turned out to be the baby’s true mom.

If you’re a divorce lawyer in New Jersey or another state, you know just what we’re talking about. You can split a bank account in two, but you can’t do the same with the house. Ditto with your prized sports car, your artwork, your dog. You’ve got to let one spouse claim these things in full (okay, you might share custody of the dog), and then credit the other spouse with his or her “equitable” portion. Divorce Law 101, right?

Not so fast. If you’re like us and you don’t love math, it’s a nightmare trying to keep all of your client’s valuations straight-especially if the spouses are changing it up every two seconds.

That’s why we’re so proud of our Statement of Assets balance sheet-now a standard feature in the latest release (CIS 2.2 B) of New Jersey’s no. 1 family law software.

The sheet allows you to click on Asset Distribution (or liabilities distribution), and then-with a flick of your mouse click-“effectuate” distribution, just like the judge you were born to be. If your client wants to keep the house, then you assign him or her 100% distribution of that item, and assign 0% to his or her spouse. The worksheet crunches the numbers, then spits out a few key numbers-letting you see at a glance whether your client has a surplus or a shortfall of the whole.

To change it up is as easy (and dare we say, fun?) as taking another shot with a brand new digital camera.

Our Divorce Financial customers have long loved this feature of their divorce software. And if you’re a divorce attorney in New Jersey, you will, too.

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