Billing Software Excuse #1: I Don’t Want To Know How Little I Bill

During the 21 years Easysoft has been providing law office management software we have found a few practices resistant to adopting products such as law office billing software and we’ve tried to understand why. We know our applications help law practices run more efficiently, so why would anyone stick to an antiquated billing system. This is the first in a series of posts where we examine and disprove some of the myths about law office billing software.

Some attorneys have admitted to use that law office billing software simply reminds them how little progress they make some days. We’ve all had days where we work and work and work, and yet when we look back we realize we didn’t accomplish very much. When you enter those hours into law office billing software you have to face up to how few billable hours you worked, and that is demoralizing after a long, exhausting day.

Don’t blame your legal software programs. The law office billing software is not source of the trouble, nor is it merely the messenger. In fact the application and the analytical tools it provides are important components of the solution to the problem of low billable hours.

Ask yourself why you are billing so few hours. What are you doing with your day that is eating up your time with non-billable work? Enter all your hours, including non-billable time, into the law office billing software so you have a clear picture of how you spend your time. Then go over your typical day and find tasks that should be shifted onto a paralegal, secretary or other employee of the firm. This frees you up to spend more time being an attorney rather than an expensive office clerk.

Easysoft law office management software is designed to allow you take control of your practice and your time so you can run a lean office, increase your profits, and find more time to help your clients.

Stay tuned for future entries on law office billing software excuses. In the meantime, head on over and download a demo of our law office billing software and find out just how intuitive and helpful it is.

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