Divorce Planning Software Improves the Value You Provide To Your Clients

As a family law attorney, you are a product. You may not like to think of yourself as in the same category as a screwdriver or a pair of pants, but from a consumer point of view that’s what you are. Prospective clients need to believe your services have value, and divorce settlement software enhances your education and experience to maximize what you have to offer.

Do You Add Value To A Divorce?

Although it is possible for a divorcing couple to file all the papers in a divorce, that is rarely if ever a good idea even if the split is amicable. Spouses unaware of their rights may agree to a deal that seems fair on the surface but proves to be unrealistic down the road. Or they might hammer out an agreement but have it rejected by a judge because they filed the wrong forms.

Divorcing couples are often overwhelmed by the legal processes, but family law attorneys aren’t. You can spot problems in agreements, apprise your client of property and support rights, and act as mediator in what is often an emotional debate. Your value comes from years of experience and familiarity with the confusing maze of state and federal laws that govern divorce, property settlement and child support. But is that enough?

Be the Best Attorney You Can Be

So you’ve established you provide a valuable service to a divorcing spouse. Well, so does the law firm across the street. Law, like any business, is competitive and you need an edge. You need an advantage over that other firm, and that advantage can be the right divorce legal software.

Leveraging technology lets you make the most out of your personal and professional skills. Your strengths are in your knowledge of the law and your ability to negotiate a fair deal with opposing counsel, not paperwork and bookkeeping. Use law practice management software to take control over your firm, automate and accelerate case handling, and provide better service to your clients.

If you are still completing divorce paperwork by hand then it’s time you invested in a tool that will remove the tedium without removing your control over the outcome. If you are already using software, then you should be sure you are using the best solution on the market. Download a free family law software demo of Divorce Financials and try it for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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