Down The Road: How EzSupport-AZ Assists With Child and Spousal Support Modifications

As the economic climate has shown all too clearly as of late, income fluctuates through life. One day, you’re wealthy, and the next, you need to save.

Needs fluctuate, too  – expanding and contracting according to circumstances, preferences, and budgets.

Your client’s divorce might be final. But in year 3 or 15, one or the other party might request a support modification. What now? Do you start from scratch?

No. When the case is over, you instruct your client to update his or her financial statements every year. From year to year, your client notes fluctuations in income, bank accounts, stock holdings. He or she can mark losses, windfalls, deficits, bonuses, raises. Good news or bad: this creates an easy record. If there’s a request for a modification, you’re prepared.

If you handled this client’s divorce using EzSupport-AZ, our Arizona divorce law software, then updates are easy. Even if you didn’t and you own the software, the information is right at your fingertips.

By the time anyone files for a support modification, the legwork is easy. It’s right in your files:

You’ve got an Arizona child support calculator.

You’ve got the Arizona family law forms.

You just need to plug in your client’s updates. Once you do, EzSupport-AZ generates new financial affidavits, new forms, new comparisons, and new figures for your client to consider and use.

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