Four Things Your Small Law Firm Can Do To Stay Competitive

Solo attorneys and small law firms have some significant challenges in staying competitive and profitable. The smaller your firm is, the more routine, non-billable tasks you end up taking on yourself, which means you have less time to spend practicing law, generating new business, and servicing clients. You didn’t need sleep, anyway, right? Give your practice a technology boost, so you can focus on growing your firm and making it more profitable.

  • Take Advantage of Tech – Your firm does a lot of things that could be made easier by using a specialized software suite. There are endless real estate forms, case data, and worksheets and you have to track expenses and schedules for filings, hearings, and other types of deadlines. Using a software suite that integrates the functions you use most often, helps you keep the information for every client transaction all together, and automates routine processes like generating compliant forms such as the Closing Disclosure Form, you can free up a significant piece of your time and get more consistent and accurate results.
  • Billing Matters – Establishing flat fees simplifies your record keeping and billing, while giving clients a sense of value. It’s a subtle difference, but it matters in the minds of many people, because it creates the sense that you’re working efficiently, not trying to wring extra hours out of them. Another smart billing move is to accept credit cards. You get paid faster, and you won’t have to deal with lost, delayed, or bounced checks.
  • Focus Your Field – General law practice is a dying breed. Choose a niche you love such as real estate law and place your focus there. You’ll be able to stay current and well-versed in the law and procedure in your niche, instead of continually scrambling to stay up-to date with multiple fields.
  • Be Human – This is one area where a solo attorney or a small firm can really outshine a large firm full of jaded lawyers. You can take the time to really listen to your clients, and offer some connection or empathy. For many people, meeting with an attorney is an intimidating experience, and often, the occasion for doing so is something stressful. Set your clients at ease just by being a human. Clients who feel valued and understood refer other clients who want an attorney who can value and understand them.

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