How Can I Get Attorneys To Keep Accurate Expense Reports?

The legal profession is a mobile one. Attorneys often meet with clients over lunch, at client homes, in conference rooms and, of course, in court. Lawyers accrue billable hours as well as running up expenses such as meals and mileage. Tracking these expenses for accurate billing can be a headache.

Paper receipts and scrawled notes on hours billed are not the best way to handle this. Sure it’s easy for the attorney to dump these documents on some bookkeeper’s desk and forget about them but it takes time to enter them in the firm’s legal billing and accounting software, plus it can be hard to match each expense with the proper case.

Many practices use corporate credit cards to simplify the process. This can make it easier to track expenditures but doesn’t solve the problem of tracking hours or of matching an expense to a case. PDAs and smartphones let attorneys create an electronic record but there is still the problem of transferring the information to the attorney time and billing software.

Now there is a solution that eases the burden on the attorney, the bookkeeper and the firm in general: cloud-based billing software for lawyers.

Attorneys can log into the legal time billing software from an iPad or other tablet computer. This allows them to do more than just scribble a note or enter a value. Lawyers can enter expenses and billable hours directly into the software, even using the built-in timer to clock their hours easily. Since the attorney is entering the expense directly there is less chance of a data entry error, and the expense can immediately be referenced to the proper matter.

Cloud-based software isn’t just for entering data. Lawyers have full access to case information from anywhere, giving them an edge over attorneys saddled without outdated software or handwritten notes. In law, information is power and the attorney with better access is more likely to receive a favorable decision for a client.

Today’s attorney isn’t locked in an office, handcuffed to a heavy desktop computer. Contact Easy Soft to find out about how our line of cloud-based law practice management software automates your practice and frees your attorneys to serve clients more effectively.

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