How to use your legal billing software to save you from saying ‘Who?’

The phone rings.  You answer.  You draw a blank and do not know who it is.

Short of dropping the phone or claiming a failed signal, you’re only going to have so long to keep someone on hold while you scramble for information.

If you have Easy TimeBill law office billing software, you’re saved.  Click on Reports, then Admin, then Client List.  Scroll down until you see the name.  Alternatively, click on Client, then Conflict Search, then instantly search your address book for a match.  No one likes to be forgotten, and with Easysoft’s legal billing software, you’ll have the super-fast resources to refresh yourself as quickly as answering the telephone.

Keeping track of names of clients makes a difference, and so does keeping track of everyone making entries into the law office billing software.  Easysoft can be expanded to include as many timekeepers as you have in your firm.  Adding timekeepers is a short, simple set of fill-in fields.  Keeping track of which partner, associate, paralegal, or assistant is working on a particular matter should not be left to memory.  Keeping your firm organized is just another great feature of our legal billing software.

Yet another aspect of the who game is the person calling for an initial consultation whose name sounds vaguely familiar.  You open your attorney billing software and ask how the person was referred, but get the response, oh, someone in a case, I don’t remember who.  Generally, this is code for referred because of something said by an opposing party.  It’s up to you to do that conflict check, and our attorney billing software makes that a cinch.

Here at Easysoft, our goal is to make everything you do easier to do, and that includes keeping track of names.  Our legal software ranges from legal billing software to trust accounting software to divorce settlement software and more.  All of our programs allow an indefinite number of clients and cases and licenses to be purchased for all timekeepers in your firm.  Best yet, when you contact Easysoft, you’ll never have to wonder who because we staff our phones with live operators, who will get to know you in order to help you with any questions you may have about our legal software.

With our commitment to customer relations and more than 15,000 customers, we’ve put our data management skills to work for you in every product we design.

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