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Accuracy is essential in legal practice, and nowhere more so than in your billing. Easy TimeBill, our legal billing and accounting software, includes a host of features designed to help you avoid mistakes.

There is simply no reason to keep manual books anymore. Computers and dedicated billing software for lawyers are affordable enough that even a one-attorney office can–in fact must–use computerized financial tools. Enter the information and let the machine do the math so you know the totals you are billing are correct. However Easy TimeBill is more than a glorified calculator.

Easily categorize expenses and billable hours so they are linked to the right matter. The software works over your office network to allow anyone working on a case to enter their expenses into a central database. The cloud version of the legal practice management software takes centralization a step further, allowing attorneys and other personnel to enter information from outside the office. No more does a lawyer have to paw through a stack of unlabeled receipts trying to remember what expense belongs to which client.

Record payments as they come in. See client balances at a glance. Reconcile with the bank statement, even balancing multiple matters held in a single account without having to laboriously separate out individual transactions by hand.

Invoices are more than just numbers though. Easysoft’s legal time billing software protects you from embarrassing typos with a built-in spell checker. Misspellings on your invoices and other documents at best make you look foolish and at worst can have serious legal consequences. Our customers who use the cloud version from a tablet computer really appreciate this feature, since it’s much easier to make a typo from one of those touch-screen keyboards than from a regular keyboard.

If you are still using manual billing or trying to tailor generic business finance program to the unique needs of a legal practice, then download a free legal billing software demo. Take our software through its paces and discover how simple legal billing can be.

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