Law Office Billing Software As Easy as a Good Pair of Black Shoes

Ahhh.  The versatility of Easy Soft.  Our legal billing software called “Easy TimeBill” can be used when billing on an hourly rate, a fixed or flat rate, and a contingency fee.  One program – all types of legal billing.

For hourly fee practices, our legal software is designed to record your receipt of client advance retainer deposits, balances, expenses remitted, and invoices paid.  Easy TimeBill law firm billing software has screens for time billing, complete with a visible clock, and a feature to set your minimum billing increment.  And it has expense screens to list and describe expenses as incurred on a file.

By contrast, let’s say you are billing on a fixed fee, perhaps for a house closing or an individual bankruptcy.  Our attorney billing software offers you the choice of ‘fixed fee plus cost’ or a ‘periodic fixed fee bill.’  You can still record the billable hours and document each step of your professional services, but our legal software will ensure that when it generates the monthly invoice, it will not exceed the terms of the fixed fee arrangement.

Or, if you are in a contingency fee arrangement, such as a personal injury case, Easy TimeBill allows you to enter expenses and generate monthly invoices for those expenses.  Our law office billing software includes a closing statement to include receipt of settlement funds, deposit of those funds in the trust account, the expenses to be deducted against, the percentage to be paid to the firm, and the balance to be released to the client.

What’s particularly handy if you have a blended case practice is that our legal software will help you with accurate billing to each type of client.  When you are first hired by a client, you enter a new client on one screen, including fill-in fields with the type of billing for the file.  You only have to enter this information once.  Our legal billing software will remember that information for all future bills.

You might think that a single computer program that offers this many features would be expensive, but Easy TimeBill is easy on the wallet.  Licenses start at $249 and include free technical support for one year.