New! ETB 4.0 Ease in Invoicing…and Other Reports

As we discussed in our last blog post, we’ve made a host of improvements to Easy TimeBill (ETB), our intuitive and simple law office billing software. In that last post, we discussed changes in the user interface. Today, we’ll discuss changes in invoicing, and other legal time and billing reports.

The first reporting improvement centers on invoices. There’s currently a single global invoicing format for current users of Easy TimeBill.

The new ETB 4.0 offers 12 different invoice formats to choose from—displaying varying levels on times and balances. Once you’ve set a format for an individual matter, you can select that format for every task you enter with regard to that matter.

What’s more, you can now see the latest payments since the last invoice – and whether these payments were posted to your operating or trust account (reminder: we also offer Easy Trust , trust accounting software that works seamlessly with ETB).

The following new reports are also available:

  • A new report listing matters with unpaid balances.
  • A new report listing matters with positive retainer balances—allowing you to determine whether to apply these balances to unpaid invoices.
  • A new report that displays only fixed-fee matters—and what portion of each fee has been billed.
  • The ability of an identified “matter owner” to filter, view, and print a given type of report. These reports include Matter Billing Rates, and Matter Billing Hours.
  • And more.

To inquire about upgrading your current law office billing software, call us at 800-905-7638.

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