Lien Release Tracking Made Easy

What if we told you for a flat fee of $35 per lien, you could hire Easy Soft as a service to manage your lien release tracking?

As a closing attorney, you have a duty to track each lien against a property for which you handle the closing to ensure that the lien is released.  If you’re not using Easy Soft’s HUD software with enrollment in our lien release tracking service, you’re missing an opportunity to simplify the successful completion of your responsibilities as a closing attorney.

The purchase of our HUD software license is $179.50.  For no additional cost, you can then enroll in our lien release tracking service.  To place a discharge tracking request, you make one click and most of the data required has already been input for your closing documents.  You simply review the form as the legal software has filled it in and add any additional information.

Each property for which you order the lien release tracking service costs $35 per lien.  This one-time expense per lien can be expensive by you to the lender.  And our HUD software includes an invoice, including the charge, to send to the seller in a sale or the borrower in a refinance.

Our Easy Soft lien release tracking service will keep you continually updated.  You simply go into the HUD software and click on “get order status” to monitor updates.  Once the lien payoff is recorded at the public clerk’s office, our HUD software will send you a link to the lien payoff document.  You simply click on the link, download documents like the satisfaction of mortgage lien release, print the document, and send a copy to your client.

As we know from our clients, post closing, it is all too easy to lose track of whether liens against title have been released.  If you’re running a busy real estate practice, the logistics of manual tracking is clumsy and time-consuming.  Worse, you may not realize that there is an unreleased lien until your former client is refinancing or selling the property and you receive a grievance letter in the mail.

If you’re a closing attorney, don’t leave a cloud on title that could become a cloud over your own head.  For $35/lien that you can expense to your client, use Easy Soft’s HUD software and enroll in our lien release tracking service.

(Weeding the onion grass in your spring garden not included.)

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