3 Factors That Really Matter When Marketing Your Law Practice’s Website

Growing your law practice and expanding its growth can be quite the challenge as a lawyer. Having the right website that distinguishes you as a leader in the law industry is crucial for maximizing your success and propelling your growth. In order to do so, its key to focus on what really matters. In this article, we will discuss 3 factors to consider that can get results and improve website performance.

Avoid Your Biggest Competitor – The Back Button

Having a website that showcases main points about your law practice and areas of practice is a very important aspect when converting prospects into customers. Your website gives you an opportunity to build trust and inspire potential customers to move forward with your practice to fulfill their needs. The web can be a very a competitive place, making it hard to be found on the internet. But what about when someone visits your website? Once a prospect visits your site the biggest competitor is the back button, bringing them back to their search. That’s why it is highly important to develop a website that not only stands out, but clearly states what you offer. A website visitor decides in seconds as to whether they want to invest more time on a website that they just landed on. If they don’t see information that applies to their search, they are more than likely to bounce out of your website and pursue a different lawyer. That’s all it takes to lose a potential client. If your website leads with information that does not focus on clients’ needs upfront, you are more likely to lose them to the back button.

Become an Influencer

We all know that your website visitors are looking for a lawyer and showcasing what you do and who you are is sometimes not enough to inspire a potential client to move forward with your services. Adding value to your brand and website is an important factor in making your practice stand out from the crowd. By creating content for your website that dives into topics that factor into a client’s decision making process you’re able to nurture them through that process. The key to growing your business is not to tell people to use your practice, but to inspire them to make that decision for themselves. The content that you can create on your website in the form of blog articles, whitepapers, and videos can propel your conversion rate on your website as well as increase your search rankings. By creating articles around your experience you’re adding value to your brand which has the ability to build trust with a potential client compared to competing websites that provide minimal information. 

Looks Matter

As consumers, we make purchasing decisions with our eyes. A website with the right design that has a visually appealing flow can help covert prospects into customers. As a lawyer, it’s important to stand out from the crowd with lifestyle images that reflect your practice. Using industry stock images on your website can reflect a look that distances consumers from building trust on your website. Showcasing a lifestyle approach that unveils a unique look creates a lasting impression that makes your website and practice stand out. Think about it! A potential customer is not going to have as good of an experience on lawyer’s website with industry stock images versus a website that shows real images of your practice in action. This lifestyle approach helps a customer envision you as their lawyer helping them with their needs. It’s part of the nurturing process that effects our decision as customers when making a purchase or choice on something. An elevated design look with a lifestyle approach psychologically puts your website and practice into a position of higher trust and value which brings results in client attention leading to further pursuit of your practice.  

In conclusion, focusing on what really matters in regards to your website is crucial to support your practice. Narrowing down your websites approach with best practices along with delivering a clear message and offering value to potential clients will help increase your chances for conversion. Audit your website today and look at it with the point of view of a potential customer visiting for the first time. Turn your observations in actions that will pay off with results.