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February 21, 2011—Easy Soft is now an official Maryland State Bar Member Association (MSBA). Easy Soft now offers a 10% discount on legal software for active members of the Maryland Bar.

Since 1986, Easy Soft has been one of the nation’s leading providers of law office software.

Easy Soft Products

The company’s offerings include seamless and integrated legal billing and account software, such as Easy Time Bill (ETB), time billing software which has received rave reviews from lawyers and technology publications, and Easy Trust, our easy-to-use trust fund accounting software.

For real estate lawyers and settlement agents, Easy Soft provides the country’s no. 1 choice for software that helps them navigate and generate the tricky HUD settlement statement (or HUD-1 form)—especially in light of the new RESPA rules. It’s called Easy HUD, and it automates most HUD form calculations—simplifying the financial portion of the transaction, enabling pain-free adjustments and errors, and more—while leaving the legal work to you.

For divorce lawyers, Easy Soft produces Divorce Financials, family law software which simplifies financial modeling for divorces. The divorce software has a vast array of capabilities, but one of its best is the ability to show you and your client—precisely and powerfully—the real-world financial impact of a given divorce settlements, including analyses for present value, and income taxes for both parties.

The “Easy” in Easy Soft

The philosophy behind all of Easy Soft’s law office management software is simple: you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you work on a case. At the outset, every piece of Easy Soft software captures case data—one time only. For law office management purposes, that data is inserted into your invoices, your ledgers and balance sheets, and your trust fund accounting.

For your clients’ cases, that data gets inserted into every piece of documentation the case requires: be it a legal form, financial statement (such as the HUD settlement statement, or HUD-1 form), and correspondence with your client, or opposing lawyers. In some cases, the software generates comparative analyses—and provides

In most cases, our law office software performs any necessary calculations on your behalf. If you’ve slaved over a calculator or an Excel spreadsheet, or tried to get generic small business accounting software to deliver needs specific to the management of a law office. This prevents simple yet costly numerical mistakes—such as one that would be paid out over the course of years (in divorce settlements), one that would affect your title (in a HUD 1 situation), or one that would jeopardize your good standing with your state’s attorney ethics department (in terms of your trust fund accounting).

What’s Included

Typically, law firm software costs upwards of $400 for procurement, and hundreds of dollars more for training and support.

For most of our software packages, our annual fees are just $300. All Easy Soft software includes training, technical support, ongoing educational support, frequent software updates and improvements, certain practice customizations, and personalized (read: actual receptionists versus phone menus) service.

With no limitations.

That is our level of commitment to our customers.


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