Number Crunching For The Math-Phobic Real Estate Pro

Most people don’t go into real estate because they love filling out government forms and adding up long columns of figures. However it’s important not just to complete the HUD settlement statement form but to understand it. When you fully comprehend the figures before you, you can get the best deal for your client and the best commission for yourself.

Handling the HUD closing statement is a lot easier today than it was a few years ago. User-friendly real estate software like Easy HUD handles the calculations, freeing the agent to focus on closing the deal. Users can feel confident the final numbers are correct without the errors common in manual calculations. Even the most math-phobic professional can handle plugging a few numbers into a form and letting the computer do the work.

However Easy Soft’s HUD settlement statement software is more than just a glorified calculator. Regular updates ensure the software is always in compliance with current RESPA regulations, state and county tax tables, as well as taking advantage of the latest computer technologies.

Software allows agents to complete the settlement statement more quickly. You need to be out there making the sale and finding more clients, not slaving over stacks of forms. Easy HUD handles the forms, handles the math and handles the rules so you don’t have to. Stop playing bookkeeper and do what you got into the industry to do: help people achieve the dream of home ownership.

Our latest generation of legal practice management software is available in cloud versions that simplify the process even further. Real estate is a mobile profession and the most successful professionals need to be able to complete forms on the fly. Access all of your client information easily and securely anywhere you can get an internet connection, even from your iPad or other tablet computer.

Don’t let your fear of numbers slow you down or limit your potential. Download a demo of the desktop version of Easy HUD to see how simple it is to complete government forms, letters and other documents. The cloud version is just as straightforward and fully-featured, plus can be accessed more flexibly. Stop living in the past and automate your office with Easy HUD.