How Real Estate Attorneys Can Build Trust With Clients

When dealing with prospects and new clients, real estate lawyers are faced over and over again with cost-conscious people who are overloaded with worry about all of the things that could go wrong for them in a real estate transaction. In many cases, these may be first-time home buyers who are intimidated and overwhelmed by the entire process. Ultimately, they’re paying you for accurate legal advice on their transaction, but what helps you differentiate yourself from your competitors is often the ability to win their trust and demonstrate to them that trusting you was a good decision. All too often, small firms and solo practitioners respond to pricing queries and discomfort with negotiations. A smarter tactic is to shift the conversation to what your fees cover and why your services are worth what you’re asking and more.

  • Make Costs Clear – Don’t give a prospect or a new client a grand total without a written, itemized quote. You understand that part of that grand total includes fees they will have to pay no matter what, so don’t give them the opportunity to react negatively to a sum. Show them a complete and accurate breakdown of legal fees, title search fees, bank transfer fees, and everything else, and think about how you present that information. Keep it simple and understandable, and break out those costs they will incur regardless of whom they choose to work with.
  • Listen And Explain Value In Terms Of Their Concerns – Shifting the conversation from the cost to the value requires listening and reading between the lines to learn what aspects of the closing process are causing your new client the most stress or confusion. The most effective way for you to demonstrate the value of your services is to begin by showing them how you will remove that stress and confusion and smooth the way for them to proceed with confidence.
  • Keep Your Promises And Keep In Touch – The trust you earn at the beginning stages of a new client relationship is tentative and can easily be lost if you fail to do what you’ve promised regarding time and budget. You’ll have an easier time maintaining your clients’ trust by keeping them apprised of what’s happening with their transaction on a regular basis, even when things aren’t going to plan. If there’s a problem, be forthright; give the simplest and most honest explanation possible, along with how you’re going to get everything back on track. When you build your clients’ trust throughout the entire process, they will likely be repeat clients and send you valuable referrals.

Reliability, Integrity, And Communication

Building trust with your present clients ultimately builds your reputation as a trusted resource for future clients, as well. Make the process approachable and understandable, and be sure your clients understand what to expect, before it happens, so they’ll feel confident walking through it and assured that your advice will lead them to an expedient and trouble-free closing.