Revolutionary New Post-Closing Service: Lien Release Tracking Service

You’re a settlement agent, and you’ve just conducted a HUD-1 closing. We understand that your job doesn’t end the minute the funds get disbursed.

For example, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that the original (or seller’s) lender releases its lien. Legally speaking, this release must be recorded within 30 to 60 days. Practically speaking, the tracking process could take up to a few months—and precious minutes of time for you and your staff. Worse still: it keeps you subject to administrative hassle—and legal liability.

In the interests of making life easier, we’ve added a revolutionary new post-closing service to our Easy HUD software. In addition to electronic 1099-S reporting, Easy HUD now offers lien release tracking service.

What this means: where you had headache and hassle, Easy Soft takes over—for just $35 per lien. We’ll handle ANY lien—no matter where it falls in the subjugation list. We follow up with lenders, we check the land records for release recordation, and we put the lien release to bed—so you don’t have to.

Register for the service, and when the property closes, you can simply close that customer’s file. Then, you go straight to Easy HUD, and order the release tracking service in one easy, electronic click.

As soon as you place your order, you’ll be asked to print our fee invoice and lender payoff letter. Just email the invoice with the lien fee to Easy Soft, and email the payoff letter to the lender (along with your payoffs). If multiple liens are involved, a separate payoff letter will be created for each lien. In addition to serving as cover letters, the letters make Easy Soft the recipient of a lien release notification which would have come to you.

You can check on the status of the desired release straight from Easy HUD, too. The new service is fully integrated into our Easy HUD software .

Normally, our $35 per lien cost is a through to your seller (in a refinance, you’d pass it through to the original seller, or the borrower).

You save time and frustration for your staff. You minimize your liabilities. You conduct a clean closing—with no loose ends.

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