Security Concerns and Legal Billing Software

As computers are now being used for just about every business function, and hackers are prevalent in just about every industry, security is always a concern for businesses. In some industries, such as the legal profession, security is even more important, especially when utilizing legal billing software as part of tracking a law office’s financial health and efficiency.

Computer Security

IT professionals work hard to keep a company’s computers and network secure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employees will often have their own user identifications and passwords, created by the company’s IT department, in order to access their system and the company’s network. Additionally, this information is usually tied to access levels for information kept on the network. This way the employee will only have access to information directly related to their job function.

IT professionals will also utilize different software packages to protect networked computers from being infiltrated by viruses and malware that can compromise a system’s security. Once a system is vulnerable, this vulnerability can create an access point for hackers to gain entry to a company’s entire network. From this point, hackers can potentially access both proprietary and sensitive financial information, putting the entire company at risk.

Legal Billing Software

When legal billing software is utilized in a law office, security best practices should be followed, just like with every other aspect of an office’s computerized functions. The legal billing software used should have user-specific login IDs and passwords, just like when an employee logs on to their computer in the morning. That login information should be tied to specific account permissions that will limit access to the system, depending on their job functions. For example, the person in the accounting department will have different access from the attorney working on a case. Some employees may need to only enter time sheet information; therefore they should have very limited access to the legal billing software.

Keeping Information Secure

All these different access-defined levels within the legal billing software will help ensure that proprietary information stays secure. It will also help prevent gaps in security so sensitive legal issues stay between the client and their attorney.

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