Setting Your Hourly Rate with Your Law firm Billing Software

Tired of hoping for client checks to come in to pay the bills?

Unless you have Easy Soft’s law office billing software, you don’t have a strategy for profitability.  Our legal billing software has banking and billing features needed by every law office to increase the bottom line.

First, with our attorney billing software, you can organize all of your client invoices through a single computer program.  Simply enter all time and expense entries on a daily basis and print-out the invoices at the end of each month.  When you use our automated legal billing software, you will easily remember to bill every client with new work or an overdue invoice and do so on a monthly basis.  It’s easy to generate the invoices, so say good-bye to dreading that task and start printing for profitability.

Second, our legal billing software contains banking features so that you can reconcile your bank account, being sure to charge clients for their expenses and record payments made.  Instead of working between two or three programs, a calculator, and a scratch pad, use our Easy Soft law office billing software, and integrate all financial information impacting your cash flow in one program that is easy to use.

And, use the management reports from our law office billing software to keep an eye on which clients have money on deposit and which clients have overdue balances.  You might even make it a Monday morning activity to print out the newest figures to help you plan a profitable billing week.  There will always be deadlines, but you also need a way to achieve a minimum number of billable hours per day for which you will promptly receive payment from your trust account.  The Easy Soft legal billing software is the way to organize your work product for profitability.

What’s really great about our Easy TimeBill legal billing software is that licenses start at $249 – probably less than one hour of your billable time.  All of our legal software products come with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee and one year of unlimited technical support.  We can help you increase your profitability through one easy installation of our law firm billing software.

Software that costs less than one billable hour that will help you increase your profits is software that you shouldn’t be without.

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