Supervising Timekeepers with Easy Soft’s Law Firm Billing Software

To be successful in your responsibilities of managing billing for a law office, you need data compiled in specific ways.  If your current legal billing software has you using scratch pads, calculators, and spreadsheets, it’s time for you to convert your office to use Easy Soft’s Easy TimeBill law office billing software.

With our attorney billing software, law office management has never been so easy.  Do you want to know how many hours one of the associates billed this week?  Last month?  Year-to-date?  With our legal billing software, you simply go to the ‘reports’ section, click on ‘billing,’ and make your selections for all timekeepers, selected timekeepers, the dates you want displayed, and the format for the report.

As a manager, you can also use our law office billing software to work with timekeepers.  The management reports you can generate through Easy TimeBill present an opportunity, not only for efficiently and effectively management, but also as a written agenda to discuss with various timekeepers.  Do you set billing targets for them?  Do certain cases, like assigned counsel cases, have fee limitations?  Is the associate up for partner consideration truly billing 16 hours a day?  Using the reports available through the Easy TimeBill attorney billing software, you have everything you need at the click of a mouse to review and analyze who is billing what.

Even if you are a solo practitioner, billing reports through our legal billing software increase your profitability.  When was the last time you sat down, added up your billable hours, looked at the breakdown of hours between cases, and made a plan for hitting billing targets?  Unless you are using our law firm billing software, the answer may be that you have never done so.

Easy Soft’s attorney billing software starts at just $249 for a single license and includes one year of free technical support.  We offer a free trial download.  And we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.  Within just 30-days of actively using our attorney billing software, you’ll have the information you need to generate management reports to increase your bottom line.

It’s a routine business function to analyze profitability.  Why not bring basic business benchmarks to your law firm when we can make it so easy for you to do?

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