The Solution to Multi-Attorney Billing

An important case might involve several attorneys, each handling a specialized component of the matter. Each of those attorneys is supported by paralegals, secretaries, accountants and others. How can you easily and accurately account for all those people in your legal billing and accounting software?

Manual time tracking nightmare

Trying to track all this information manually is a nightmare. Each person has to account for time and then yet another person has to enter that time into the software. If anyone incurs expenses then you have another list of charges that have to be tracked individually and then entered by a third party.

Specialized attorney time and billing software

A better option is to use specialized attorney time and billing software like Easy TimeBill that includes simultaneous, multi-user access. Each biller can access the accounting system no matter how many others are entering information at the same time. By requiring attorneys and other staff to keep track of time themselves you reduce the chance of data entry errors.

Cloud or desktop versions

A centralized desktop solution allows each person to enter information that is kept in a centralized database. Cloud-based time and billing software for lawyers takes the flexibility to new levels, allowing attorneys to enter information from home, from court, from a meeting or anywhere else. Imagine how much easier it is to track expenses when an attorney can enter the amount as the money is spent, right from an iPad or Android tablet.

Solo practitioner billing

If you are a solo practitioner, then you might think you don’t need multi-user access but we’re willing to bet you aren’t the only person handling your files. Do you have an assistant or secretary? Do you have a tax accountant who looks at your books? Do you access the software from different computers at home and at work? Then you need versatile time and billing software that makes it easy to track your financials.

Permissions to confidential information

One concern over giving everyone in the firm access to the billing is that someone might see confidential information or do something better left to a more qualified worker. However that’s not a problem with Easy TimeBill. Use permissions to limit what each user can do so you don’t have to worry about a secretary who is just supposed to be printing invoices deciding to change the expense report.

Dedicated legal practice management software makes your professional life easier, not harder. Download a demo of Easy TimeBill or try it free for 30 days to see how easy it is to manage billing for any law office, large or small.

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