Turning Nightmares into Daydreams through the mEasySoft Mobile App

It’s the divorce lawyer’s worst nightmare:  the judge looks at your papers during a conference and says, what if we change this one number?

Do you:

(a) Claim to be having an allergic reaction as you choke;

(b) Pull out a pencil and a calculator and try to slog through the math;

(c) Tell the judge you’ll be happy to do it back in your office to discuss at the next court conference; or,

(d) Pull out your tablet or smartphone and run the Easy Soft App to quickly provide the judge with the figures he’s requested?

Let Easy Soft turn the pace of modern technology to your client’s advantage with the mEasySoft FREE divorce settlement App.

If you’re an attorney in NJ, NY, PA, or AZ, simply prepare your support calculations in the comfort of your office using Easy Soft’s suite of family law software.  In every state, use Easy Soft’s Divorce Financials Software to prepare your divorce settlements.  Print out your crisp, clear worksheets, from networth statements to pension valuations for divorce, and get to court with confidence.

When the judge asks you to make that little change during the conference, simply smile, click on your Easy Soft divorce settlement App, change the number, and read the judge the new calculation right off your screen.

Next question:  what if you run into a technical problem using your Easy Soft divorce settlement App while you’re sitting in chambers? No worries.  Easy Soft provides the same great technical support for its phone and tablet applications as it does for all of its software products.  Easy Soft offers on-line help guides, technical videos, webinars, and, of course, live technical support staff.

Easy Soft’s divorce financials App is like having your office in your pocket.

Daydreams encouraged in your new no-sweat zone.

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